Meet a few exceptional animals who have been at the shelter a while and are looking for their forever homes.

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Bruno (A424175) had a most excellent Christmas Day adventure, where he enjoyed digging sandy holes, chasing foam, lots of good sniffs in the park and a giant chewy to settle down. His volunteer buddy reports “Bruno was a perfect gentleman all day, good in the car, listened and paid attention the whole time, not a single bark all day.” … A recent field trip was up to Twin Peaks on a super clear day! “He is an awesome hiking buddy! He loved rolling around on the hills and continuously checked in to make sure all his adventure friends were present! He’s gonna be SUCH a great companion for a lucky family!”
Cool Videos: Bruno and Woody had a blast in playgroup; they took a little break from wrestling to grab a drink together. Adopt Bruno and receive a Welcome Home Gift Bag with toys and treats. 

Hobbit (A424914) has made his new year’s resolution and you can be the lucky recipient of his love! This happy, tail-wagging 5-mo pup is always ready to make friends with a kiss and a cuddle and is on a quest to find his forever home! Watch him practice his stellar sit skills! Adopt Hobbit and receive a Welcome Home Gift Bag with toys and treats.

Lucy  (A401521) is a sweetheart looking for a new “leash” on life in the lap of a gentle loving owner. She had an overnight field trip with a volunteer recently… “What a great girl Lucy is! She did great at our house, slept through the night, and is very housebroken. We ventured up to Tank Hill and stopped by Pete’s coffee before heading back to the shelter.” Just think of all the fun you and Lucy can have!

Phoebe (A424087) can be a little bit shy at first blush but this resilient little Camp Fire survivor dog warms up quickly to be tender and cuddly. A family with children 8 years or older might be a good fit for Phoebe.

Opie  (A425129) is a goofy cuddle machine who loves to play and zoom zoom zoom! This gentle soul is looking for patient adopters with prior large breed dog experience. Opie can be a bit shy when he’s out on the town but warms up quickly with time and treats. Opie already knows “sit” and can’t wait to learn more in training classes with his new family.


Volunteer Favorite!

Yintao (A425161) is a feline love machine! This gorgeous and friendly 12-yo Seal Point Siamese fellow is at the shelter because his owner died. He’s looking for a home for his golden years. Is it with you? View his video and see how affectionate he is!

Start the new year off with the purr-fect feline friend!

Call the Great Britsh Baking Show! Nice Miss Marla (A425075) is a purring, muffin-making champ! She loves head rubs and attention and would love to be your new BFF!

Move Over Property Brothers!

Midnight (A425048) and Darkness (A425047) are a wonderful pair of handsome young (7-mo) house panthers who were surrendered due to allergies and are looking for a fresh start. They’re friendly, playful, and curious and love head and chin rubs. Can you tell them apart?

Double the love. Adopt a pair of cats/kittens!They’ll give each other exercise and company when you’re not home, and give you twice the entertainment, love, and purrs. There’s not much added cost to having a second kitty, and when you adopt two cats or kittens, the adoption fee for the second one is discounted 50%. See all of our cats and kittens on ACC’s website

Sparta (A425439) and Thor (A425440) are waiting to meet you! Gorgeous 4-mo fluffball Sparta is a playful, sweet kitten. He’d love to go home with his equally wonderful brother Thor.  SFACC recommends kittens be adopted in pairs — everyone will be happier! 

Small animals…

Meet the Buns!

Add Jonathan Bun Ness and Bun France (A421987 and A421988) to your family! These bun brothers will bring cuteness to your new year and beyond! They are our longest residents. They are bonded and seem to have a special connection staying close together even when they have plenty of room. They were neglected before coming to the shelter but have received a lot of love and care with our volunteers. Now it’s time for these two super cute snuggle bunnies to find a forever home where they can thrive. Please share this post to help them find their forever home! The adoption fee for both buns is sponsored by volunteer Gabriele Kenaston. VIDEO: See these cute buns in motion!

Prancer (A424792) is a male, yellow and green Parakeet, about 2 yo and looking for a home. He’ll give you cheerful tweets that you don’t have to read. Prancer’s adoption fee is sponsored by volunteer Gabriele Kenaston. 

Considering adopting Shelly Sanderson, our spry Red-Eared Slider. 
Cons:They’re messy. Their aquarium needs partial water changes weekly. Eventually, Shelly will need a large aquarium (or if you have a pond, even better). 
Pros:Their staple food is dry and comes out of a can. They spend most of their time swimming or sunbathing and not chewing up your couch. They can live up to 30 years and won’t poop on your carpet, couch, or bed. They’ll never run out your door or fly out your window. They won’t desert you! 

Sarah McFlocklan (A425314) is a beautiful and docile pigeon who would love to be your BFF (best feathered friend)! Will you remember Sarah? She will remember you, especially if you give her a forever home! For more information on domestic pigeons and doves, visit our amazing rescue partner Palomacy.

SFACC has beautiful soft rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, mice, and birds, and sometimes fish for adoption. Small pets are perfect for city apartments. Rabbits are quiet and can be litter-box trained. Birds add beauty and song to your life. Check out all adoptable small animals on our website.

All animals you adopt from SFACC anytime receive the following:

  • Spay/neuter surgery
  • A microchip (dogs/cats)
  • Up-to-date shots
  • License (dogs/cats)
  • One free visit to an S.F. veterinarian