Meet a few exceptional animals who have been at the shelter a while and are looking for their forever homes. Please visit the SFACC website and Facebook page to see ALL animals available for adoption.



AVA A434099 is a sweet girl who LOVES playing with toys, just about as much as she loves life itself! This petite pretty gal isn’t all action: she’s also a great lap sitter and a total smarty. She recently had a wonderful sleepover with a volunteer and loves the couch as you can see. She has a great “sit” and can’t wait to learn more in training classes with her new family. First-time adopters and/or a home with older kids might be a good fit for Ava – come meet her and see! Adopt Ava now and receive 50% off of her adoption fee and a Welcome Home Gift Bag with toys & treats.





Adoption Specials: Adopt one kitten or cat and get the second one for 50% off.  See all of our cats and kittens on SFACC’s website!  


Little A413455 is a very friendly, affectionate, beautiful tabby girl. You might call her Little Cougar although she’s only 3 years old. This pretty gal is looking for an adult-only forever home with experienced adopters, where she can relax and chat a bit about her day and she snuggles in your lap. 


Antares came to the shelter extremely underweight, covered in grease and very shy. He was cleaned up, neutered and fostered for a while with Toni’s Kitty Rescue. He blossomed in his foster home, gained weight and enjoyed the company of the three resident cats. He is also very playful. 7 month old Anteres is very sweet and gentle and is the best muffin maker ever. He would do very well in a quieter home.


Sweet Louise A434159 is a little shy at the shelter, but we have found the key to her heart! Bonito flakes! All inhibitions fly out the door with just a whiff of them. Now we understand why she and her sister decided to camp out in a Safeway parking lot–for all those leftover treats! A good Samaritan brought them in from the streets and now 4yo Louise is looking for someone who will give her the treats she loves but also a warm bed and loving cuddles! Louise could benefit from someone who has had shy cats before and knows how to build their confidence and gain their trust. Come down and meet this sweet lap cat today!

Double the love. Adopt a pair of cats/kittens

They’ll give each other exercise and company when you’re not home, and give you twice the entertainment, love, and purrs. There’s not much added cost to having a second kitty.

Adopt one cat or kitten and get the second one for 50% off!

Clarkson & Pickler


Meet our two American Idol Kellys: Clarkson & Pickler! These adorable kittens are a cuddly duo who love to spend time together. Bring them home for a beautiful lifelong duet! 

Small animals…

Cagney & Lacy


Cagney and Lacey are a ridiculously cute pair of petite crime-fighting bun gals, ready to take down any leafy snack perps that may be menacing your kitchen. They’re easy to handle and enjoy their time out of the kennel and tasty treats. Take this darling duo home today! 


HOP (A432053) is a young bun boy looking for his forever home. This 11-mo cutie is curious, friendly and likes to explore. He loves having time out of his cage to roam, especially in our shelter park. 

See other beautiful bunnies and small animals on SFACC’s website. They change every day!

Bianca & Chet

Chet A435656 & Bianca A435657are a perfect piggy pair! These adorable guinea pigs are looking for a forever home with leafy snacks and lots of love. 


Mutsu ID#A436770 is a gorgeous King pigeon, which is a domesticated bird that will bring peace and calm to your home. Pigeons and doves do great indoors as family pets. They can also live outside in a predator & rodent-proof aviary  Learn more about King pigeons as pets at Palomacy, a local pigeon and dove rescue organization that works with SFACC.

SFACC has beautiful soft rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, mice, and birds, and sometimes fish for adoption. Small pets are perfect for city apartments. Rabbits are quiet and can be litter-box trained. Birds add beauty and song to your life. Check out all adoptable small animals on our website.

All animals you adopt from SFACC receive the following:

  • Spay/neuter surgery
  • A microchip (dogs/cats)
  • Up-to-date shots
  • License (dogs/cats)
  • One free visit to an S.F. veterinarian