March 2021

In March, thanks in large part to the amazing work of Katy Jones, SFACC’s Animal Partner Transfer Coordinator, the shelter was able to transfer 182 animals (52 dogs, 42 cats, and 88 other species) to partner organizations. The shelter directly adopted 22 animals (7 dogs, 9 cats, and 6 other species).

Cocoa…A fluffy, adorable happy tale! My uncle says I’m basically a Dodo story but Mama says I’ve always been kyute! Mama and Daddy brought me home on May 4, 2019 and gave me a medicated bath every three days for about a month. They also added salmon oil to my food and now my coat and tail is super soft and fluffy. I’m the center of everything for my pawrents, as you can see in the photos. Every day, I plop on Mama to wake her and I get pets. My day consists of guarding the house and playing with all my puzzles and toys. Daddy says I’m spoiled but Mama says I’m deserving. I love my pawrents and it’s obvious they love me!” Her Instagram account is @inlovewitdacocoa

Sweet Steve has been adopted.

Hooray! Crawdad has found his forever home!

Here are the 2 happy rabbits we got from your present location around 1-1/2 years ago, we and they are grateful for all your work.

Big handsome senior boy Casper was found roaming in the street. When no one came to claim him, he went to our partner Lily’s Legacy Senior Dog Sanctuary.

Happy 10-year adoptaversary to Minnie Bee!

Handsome hunk Pogi came to us when his person could no longer take care of him. He has some medical problems that made him not suitable for adoption from us. Our partner BRAVE Rescue stepped up and now after a road trip he’s safely in their care. Yay Pogi!

Juniper came to SFACC with a bad case of demodex infection. Now in foster care with our partner Copper’s Dream Rescue she’s recovering and becoming more outgoing—she has even found her voice! She receives medicated baths every other day and is taking antibiotics for her skin infection. She also has a full wardrobe of pajamas and fancy sweaters while waiting for her hair to regrow.

Silly boy Phats needed a place where he can get lots of TLC. Our partner The Heart of Rescue came to the rescue and off Phats went on a road trip to his new foster home.

Coco was very nervous at the shelter and needed somewhere to decompress and gain confidence. Happily, our rescue partner Paddington Station Rescue was able to find her a foster home. After a road trip, Coco is ready to start her new beginning.

February 2021

In February, SFACC adopted out 21 animals (7 dogs, 12 cats, and 2 small animals). In addition, we transferred 167 (55 dogs, 39 cats, and 73 small animals) to adoption/rescue partners.

Charming Little Fluff came to SFACC last year after his owner was hospitalized and could no longer care for him. He quickly became a staff favorite. Little Fluff is now loving his forever home; he even gets rides in his stroller. Lucky boy!

These pretty young chickens were left outside our door. We’re happy to report that they’re now clucking and pecking at a rescue.

Tuxie brothers update: “Three years ago we adopted Rambo and Tootles (then Rodney and Bruce) from SFACC and they’ve made us laugh every day since. They love crinkle toys, lounging in warm laundry and cuddling each other. We’re so thankful to have them in our lives.”

Baby rattie cuteness! A person adopted 2 rats from a friend, not realizing they were a male and female. You can guess what happened next: baby rats! They’re now with our partner, Ratical Rodent Rescue

This lovely domestic pheasant was found in a San Francisco yard. Now they’re enjoying life with our partner One Living Sanctuary.

Kitten pair happy tails update, with bonus canine content. “We adopted these adorable siblings back in August, and they have fit in perfectly. Ollie (lilac point) is very playful and curious, and Zoey (white) is a little less curious but always willing to follow Ollie into trouble. Both are very social! They have adopted some pretty silly dog-like behaviors since they grew up with our rescue dog, Mondo…one interesting behavior includes eagerly checking out the mailman (as shown in one of the photos).”

We had some special guests recently: ducklings! So fuzzy! So cute! They were found alone in front of a house and are now with our partner One Living Sanctuary, complete with new names, Tilde and Umlaut.

A big thank you to our partner Tony La Russa’s Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF) for helping San Francisco animals in need! Because we were moving, we tried to find rescue placement for as many of our animals as possible. ARF stepped up and took 10 dogs and 3 cats in February!

January 2021

In January, 32 animals were adopted directly from SFACC (13 dogs, 14 cats, and 5 others) and 136 animals were transferred to partner organizations (48 dogs, 37 cats, and 50 others). Here are some of those adoptions, plus updates, and a happy reunion.

Milo went missing and the shelter received many sightings of a white fluffy dog running in the streets of San Francisco. SFACC officers responded to several of the sightings. Meanwhile, a wonderful citizen on a scooter and friend were able to follow Milo, and coax him to them. They took him home for the night and the next day brought him to SFACC. Milo’s owners had also contacted SFACC, posted on Paw Boost, Nextdoor, Facebook and other social media platforms. That afternoon, SF ACC was able to reunite Milo with his family. Watch their reunion on Facebook!

Beautiful senior lovebug Trixie was a stray who showed up at a Good Samaritan’s front door. After no one came to claim her, her finder adopted her. They’ve previously adopted senior cats from us. Yay for Trixie!

This gorgeous Golden Pheasant was found as a stray. Because it’s a domesticated species, it wouldn’t survive in the wild, and it definitely couldn’t hide well from predators. It went to a rescue partner and has since been adopted.

Hooray! Sweet Lemon (was Emoji) is jumping for joy as she goes home with her new family.

Our playful little pirate panther has been adopted (and has inspired some fun Photoshop art)!

Handsome sweetie Grant has found his forever family and a new name, Finn.

Sweet puppy boy Barnaby has gone home with his forever family.

SFACC grad Charlie blissfully enjoying some gentle brushing with a toothbrush is the kind of soothing content we can all use. Enjoy!

Chicken in a bush? Yep! That’s where this lovely was found. No one came in to claim her, so she’s now pecking and clucking away at a partner rescue.

Lovely lady Daffodil came in as a stray when she showed up on a Good Samaritan’s porch. No one came to claim her, so her finder adopted her.

Sweet girl Friday was adopted before we even had a chance to promote her. Go Friday!

Gorgeous fluffy Jackson, adopted before we got him posted (via a virtual adoption application). You can see why!

Sweet little Kiwi has been adopted! Her new family includes a 13 year old doggy brother and two cat siblings.

“Four years ago on January 7th, I met and adopted this tiny, chatty, velvety-soft old lady cat, then called Noelle and now named Opal. At 16 years old, Opal is the matriarch of the household and spends her days snuggling on her mama’s lap or chest, voicing her deeply-held opinions on any and all topics of conversation, pretending to be irritated by her secretly beloved dog sister Minnie, and reminding the world at large that it’s time for her next meal. Opal is a constant source of cuddles, hilarity, and comforting purrs, a caring and attentive nurse when any of her family members are under the weather, and in every way the perfect shelter-in-place companion. Endless thanks to SFACC and Toni’s Kitty Rescue for taking such great care of her during her time with you and for bringing the two of us together!”

Adorable Winnie has been adopted!

Reya (formerly Remi) Update: “We adopted Reya last year–on New Year’s Day, 2020. Reya has fit into our family perfectly and brought us so much joy during this difficult year…Thank you for taking good care of her when she was there!”

Double senior Westie happy tails update! Senior cuties Lafawnduh and Dillinger went from our shelter to a foster home with WRAP Westie rescue. In November they were adopted by one of our fosters and are now leading a happy life, complete with an Instagram account: @westies_of_sf

December 2020

In December, SFACC found new homes for 62 animals (8 dogs, 53 cats, and 1 small animal). In addition, 151 animals were transferred to partners (40 dogs, 52 cats, and 59 other animals).

It’s Christmas Eve and ACC grad Mighty is enjoying his third holiday with his family and patiently waiting to find out what’s in his stocking!

CC grad Scrappy’s first Christmas with Joe’s family, including big sister and fellow ACC grad Billie. How cute are they in their sweaters? Looks like a cozy holiday!

Little foster kitten Socks and his new family! He’ll have a new big brother to play with too!

Bobby, was Bobert, adopted March 1st. “We wanted to let you guys know how well Bobert is doing. He was very quiet in the beginning but he is showing more of his personality now! His main interests are eating but he also likes to run in his outdoor area and jumps and twists and turns his body. He’s built more muscles and looks great now. He is popular in our neighborhood. We wanted to thank you for the beautiful bunny.”

Good boy Rhino has been adopted!

ACC grad Chuy (was Malcolm) celebrates his second Christmas with his family! Looks like he has a lot of presents to open!

Sweet gent Abner has been adopted, by friends of his foster. Congratulations!

A holiday happy tails adoptaversary update from one of last year’s Macy’s window kittens! Ziggy is quite the fashion meowdel and adventure cat!
“One year ago today, you hopped from the SF @macys holiday window display straight into our hearts Thanks to @sfanimalcareandcontrol today we celebrate your adoptaversary.We love you, Ziggy! Our little fam wouldn’t be the same without ya.”

SFACC grad bun beauty Bobbie is celebrating her first Christmas with her brother Teddy. What an adorably festive pair!

ACC grad Larry is celebrating his third Christmas with his forever family. Looks like he has the holiday spirit all wrapped up!

ACC grads Rudy and Nema are BFFs and each owned by an ACC dog volunteer!

Another holiday happy tails! Such a gorgeous canine trio: 2 SFACC grads and one SPCA grad. Left to right: Sadie (SFSPCA 2008), Gracie (SFACC 2009) and Jack (SFACC 2017, formerly Dino) are all ready for some holiday joy!

Mace (8 -yo GSD mix), originally “Nigel,” was dumped in the SFACC lot on Christmas of 2018. He was rescued and adopted through partner Golden State GSD Rescue January 2019. This is Mace’s second Christmas in his forever home. He loves lounging underneath the Christmas tree each morning and waiting for holiday treats in the kitchen.

Beautiful Cannoli’s adopter sent us this great update in November: “As this strange Thanksgiving is almost upon us, I’ve been reflecting on what’s gotten me through this year and I felt like I simply must share this with your shelter. I adopted a kitten from your shelter in August 2019 (her name was Piña Colada then) and every day I’m in awe at how perfect this cat is. Not only has she grown into the most beautiful cat, but she is also the sweetest, cuddliest, most talkative cat I’ve ever met. I’m so thankful that your facility made the adoption process simple yet thorough and allowed sweet Cannoli to be in my life and help my roommate and I through some very tough times. She’s the funniest most playful girl!”

Adorable Indigo Blue, formerly Brenda, was adopted from ACC November 2011 and is looking festive in her fancy collar!

A happy tails update for Daisy’s one-year adoptaversary: “It’s been one year since I adopted Daisy (right) from SFACC. She is the happiest girl in the world. She loves cuddles, squeaky tennis balls, and her big brother Rocky. I could not imagine my life without and I am so thankful to SFACC for bringing her into my life. Thank you for all you do!”

Gorgeous Iris was adopted a few weeks ago and we already have an update! “She loves her new toys especially the wobbly mouse and the feather toy. She also loves to run around and zoom through her crinkly tunnel. She is a very good hunter and loves to play :)”

Big sweetie Lullabell has gone home!

Sweet scruffimuffin pup Kevin (formerly Andy) was adopted earlier this year: “Just wanted to thank you again for all your help with Andy/Kevin’s adoption. He and I successfully flew back East to be with my family for the holidays and he’s been having a lot of fun in the snow haha. Wanted to share a few photos and just let you know we’re both happy as can be and settling into our life together.”

Charlotte (on the left) is starting the new year with her new family, complete with canine sibling. Congratulations!

Beautiful Daisy has been busy modeling neckwear (check out that adorable RGB collar her person made!), solving puzzles, sitting in boxes, and being an all around wonderful BFF. She even multitasks: modeling neckwear while sitting in a box! Good girl!

A wonderful Good Samaritan Story: “A BIG THANK YOU goes out the the staff at San Francisco Animal Care and Control for helping to keep this lady safe. Last night I woke up to the scared barks of a pitbull that was dumped at the church across the street from my house. This sweet girl could be Oona’s sister. I brought her food, water and a blanket and she was quiet for the rest of the night. When the SFACC opened we gave them a call and they were able to gain her trust and get her in the truck. I will check in on her and hope we can find her a great home. …Leash donations going out this week to Muttville, Rocket Dog, Santa Fe Animal Shelter, Lily’s Legacy and a bunch of other rescues! Thank you everyone for your support during this difficult year. Be kind to each other, support each other and stay positive” …Lovely Cora was adopted about a week after arriving at SFACC. (NOTE: The person who brought Cora food and comfort and called SFACC works with Ropes for Rescues.)

November 2020

In November, 82 animals found new homes: 12 dogs, 63 cats, and 7 others/small animals. In addition, 164 animals were transferred to partners, including 29 dogs, 75 cats, and 60 others.

Adorable parakeet Crackers has taken wing to his forever home. Congratulations!

Sweet pup Ferdinand is on his way home with his new parents. Congratulations and happy trails!

Update! Adorable pair Mochi and Miso are loving their forever home and excel in napping.

Happy 1-year adoptaversary to Spesh (speshy).
He is a very happy boy!

Purrfect orange tabby Mikey has finally found his furrever. Comfy cozy!

Kona and her new mom are on their way home. What a great pair!

Gorgeous Joey came in as a stray and was adopted by his finder!

Little lady Gia has been adopted. Congratulations!

Handsome Homer has found his forever home. Happy tails!

Happy tails update! Handsome boy George was adopted almost two years ago, when he was a puppy named Oso (third photo). His person says “He’s truly been my savior during this tough year. Absolutely my best buddy!”

Bella was adopted this weekend and we already have an update! “It hasn’t been 24 hours since she joined us but, Bella has the full run of the house. She has settled in just fine. Bella is a sweet little cat with an affectionate personality. I think she will be very happy with us.”

Wee pup Crouton has a new family and a new name: Sammy. Congratulations!

Distinguished senior house panther Vernon (seen here with some Squeeze Up treat on his nose) arrived at the shelter injured and as a stray. When no one came to claim him, he was adopted by his finder. Yay!

Best friends Piglet and Pooh Bear have gone home together. It’s so much more friendly with two!

Precious Poundcake went on a road trip to our partner NorCal Bully Breed Rescue. Happy trails sweetie!

ACC grads Nana & Katy have been adopted together.

Simba, a three-legged shepherd puppy was adopted from SFACC a few years ago. Fun update: one of our recent graduates to rescue, Smokey, was just adopted to his new family and guess who his brother is? Simba!

These boys are doing great together. They live down by the beach in Pacifica, I like to imagine them gossiping about their SFACC days while they sit on the sand.

Gorgeous Paloma was adopted at the beginning of November and we already have an update! “We are so happy to have Paloma in our home, it has been three weeks now and she gives us joy every single day. She is a bit spoiled and very much loved and cared for. We spend a lot of time keeping her active and engaged, she has lots of toys and eats excellent quality wet food. She adjusted to our household right away and we are so glad she is here.

Thank you for all that you do. It is obvious that the people at ACC care deeply for the animals there and I am grateful for that. Our adoption experience was so pleasant and everyone was very kind and knowledgeable. Thanks again, take care and be well!”