April 2020

Foster Win: Playful Lady has a permanent home with her foster family!

Louisa‘s adopter sent an update: “She’s slowly coming out of her shell and getting comfortable in the apartment. She tends to hide under the bed during the day, but she can sometimes be coaxed out with treats. At night she’s super playful (and loud!). We’re working on getting her sleep patterns more aligned with ours with regular feedings, evening playtime, and good old-fashioned earplugs! She gets more outgoing every day, and I’m sure she’ll be running the place in no time. I’m so happy to have her!”

A wonderful group adoption: All three of our pigeons, Marzipan, Fondant and Sabah, have found a home together, where they’ll be living with another bird, Sophie, who survived being shot with a BB. “Sophie and Sabah have become great friends! Sabah chases Marzi and Fondant off if they’re bothering Sophie. We found out that Sabah is actually 11 years old. Her band says she was born in 2009! The birds are lovely additions to our family, thank you so much! “

A purrfect Happy Tails update! Autumn and Harvest (previously known as Princess & Rusty) were adopted on 9/28/19 and are doing great: “we’re all glad to be together during the Shelter in Place!”

Juneau, formerly known as Marsha Mellow, is doing great! She’s been learning a lot from her new big sister Juliet and there is a hilarious big sister/little sister vibe between them. She has taken well to crate training and is learning some sign language commands for sit and good girl. Follow their adventures on Instagram @juneau_and_juliet”

Sweet Gwendolyn was adopted by a lovely family with an adorable little girl ready to shower her with love and affection!

“I adopted Pablo and Smokey almost five years ago from ACC at Pet Food Express. They were a bonded pair of kitten brothers and they have been glued to each other ever since. They love to play, cuddle, and sleep together. My favorite is when they jump on the toaster together to warm their butts each morning after the toast is made. I’m a dog walking volunteer at ACC but that doesn’t mean I’m not in love with the best cats in the world!”

Cutie pie Ewok was adopted a year ago next month! He’s enjoying spending quality time with his family and copying one of his all-time favorite basket players, Steph Curry, with his raw hide. His adopter says “Thank you all for everything! Ewok been the best addition to our family.”

Triple update: “Florence (left) was adopted from ACC in August 2018. She had been abandoned in Stern Grove. She is a big girl! Rizzo (middle) and Sandy (right) were bonded and adopted together from ACC about 6 weeks later when they were 4 and 5 months old. Rizzo was a runt but she has gotten perfectly chubby and is super-fast when doing zoomies around the cage. They are the one consistent part of life in SIP. They still squeal like clockwork for their veggies (no alarm clock needed) and they are enjoying more treats now that mom is around during the day.”

Handsome hunk Dermot has found his forever home!

Guinea pig cutie Guinness went home with his new family today! This is the first pet for new brother Nikko, but mom Annia has had guinea pigs all her life.

Kingsley Albus, formally known as Prince Harry, came into a household already full of fur children and a human one too. We have all been waiting excitedly to meet him: two moms, one small child, one cat, two dogs and 65, 7th grade students (who helped to name him)! At first meet, he was curious about the puppy, who wanted to give licks, and the old lady dog, who didn’t care at all. Then came time to meet Dean, an older guy who was rather grumpy at first. The first night was rough, similar to bringing a new child home from the hospital! We thought he needed space, so we gave him his own room. But he decided that wasn’t going to work, and opened the door himself. In fact, he managed to get out of a bedroom, the bathroom and the bedroom again. Kingsley was not to be contained. So one of the two moms decided to sleep with him on the couch that night, while the other mom and fur children slept in the bedroom, and the human child slept in her own. Most of the night he cried, bounded about, and explored, often jumping up to see the human and get cuddles. …The next day, he had fully moved in but was still feeling a bit shy. He spent some time under the couch, but eventually came out and explored more. On Sunday, he didn’t go under the couch at all and was ready to nap in sight and share his treats with his new kitty brother!

Sweet senior Aria has been adopted!

Sammy was one of our first virtual adoptions!

“My partner and I adopted Goose (formerly Stormy) and Tilda (formerly Josephine) 9 months ago on 7/22/19. Goose and Tilda are so affectionate and adorable and love each other very much. They have been a wonderful addition to our family and we feel very lucky to have found them. Thanks so much ACC!!”

“Here is Mimi – I got her from ACC @ Pet Food Express in March 2017 at 1yr 8mo. of age. Here is her first pic at home: First night she investigated the whole apartment…. ran up and down the hallway and the look on her face was like “This is all mine?!?!” (mind you I only have a one bedroom and her history was not known or disclosed) She was super stoked!
She is goofy, sweet and super playful. Is extremely good at playing catch (and brings it back!) she takes the “sport'” very seriously and we can play for like a solid 30 min at a time!
She’s a lady who knows what she wants and is very vocal about it. And when it gets dark out she is the first to snuggle right beside me or cuddle under the covers. Adopting her was one of the best things I could ever do! She’s a joy!”

Nietzsche the MotoCat is a world traveling adventure cat and SFACC alum who now lives in Spain! Always dressed for a formal occasion, Nietzsche loves to explore and cuddle. You can follow Nietzsche on Instagram: @nietzsche_motocat

Heijro has been adopted! His new name is Bruno and he looks super comfy cozy with his new sister! 

Gorgeous Sky has found her forever home, where she’s looking quite comfy and happy!

March 2020

In March 2020, 52 animals found new forever homes!

Here is Chauncey! Chauncey was adopted from us in February of 2007. He celebrated his 20th Birthday and his 14th gotcha adoption day.

kitten Powder Puff, now named Marshmallow, was adopted! Powder Puff came into the shelter as a tiny bottle feeding baby and has grown into a beautiful healthy kitten thanks to a Toni’s Kitty Rescue foster home. 

Fruity Pebbles has gone home! She’s going to get to go to work with her new parents!

Fluffy kitten Possum has been adopted! It’s a major upgrade from the car engine he was found in!

Sweet kittens Greta and Bert went home together.

Bobart the rabbit was also adopted March 1st.

Cory will be his guardians’ first dog! They will be living in Manteca with a beautiful pool, jacuzzi and plenty of room in their backyard.

Timid kitten Opie went home with a wonderful adopter with a quiet household. She is going to spoil him and help him become a super confident cat!

Ramona (L) with Cory in the SFACC yard

A triple ACC alumni update and all in black and white!
“We adopted Shadow (then Badger) on March 28. 2015. Here’s an updated photo 5 years later. Both the kid and the dog grew. For good measure, here are our kitties, also from you. Adopted 10/31/2013. They were Daisy and Daphne, now Iris and Isis.”

 “Just wanted to say thank you & update about my adopted kitten. I adopted Silverton (then named Wendy) this January at 5 months old. I love her so much she’s been the most amazing kitten, mellow, loves to cuddle and lick my hair when I’m sleeping, and is so perfectly well behaved. I couldn’t have asked for a better cat! Thank you all so much! I always recommend you for people to adopt from! Thanks again for such a wonderful addition to my life!”

Sweet senior Bella was adopted to a wonderful young woman today, who wanted a quiet companion to come home to at the end of the day! She is so in love with her and they are going to be so happy together!

Wee chi guy Jimmy was adopted just a couple of weeks ago and he’s already settled in with his new pack! His adopters report “Jimmy is fitting in with our 2 dogs. He is such a love bug.”






Foster win! Senior bob-tailed sweetie Oreo has found her forever home: with her fosters. Lots of playing and couch snoozing is in her future. Congratulations!


Tiger went to Grateful Dogs Rescue!

February 2020

Sweet Ava is adopted!!!
We’re so happy to congratulate Boise Bully Breed Rescue adopter Jenna for choosing Ava as her new adventure mate! Jenna reports Ava is settling in wonderfully and Ava is a big cuddle bug. These ladies are about to have so many fun memories together!
Ava is an ACC grad who was at the shelter for months and then transported by ACC dog vol. Chloe Jager to Reno where she was met by a BBBR volunteer and brought to Boise for a change of scene, where she has been adopted at last.
A big thank you to BBBR peeps: Transport Coordinator Elizabeth for coordinating Ava’s transfer to rescue; Home Inspector Joan for completing the home visit; and Volunteers Matt and Kelly for introducing Ava to Jenna. And thank you BBBR Foster/Adoption Coordinator Ashley for facilitating the adoption!

Here’s a recent update from Jenna… “Just thought I’d give you an update! Mildred “Millie” is loving her new home! She comes more and more out of her shell every day! She’s a huge cuddler, likes walks (although the cold morning pre-work walks aren’t her fav), and her most favorite pass-time is to sit at the window and watch squirrels. She also loves her sister Butter (the blonde dog in the pics) and is learning that unfortunately play time isn’t 24-7. I love her so much and am so happy that she never again has so spend time alone in a shelter in a kennel, instead she can cozy up with one of her many blankets throughout her house. Thank you so much for running such a great organization, hope you enjoy the pictures!” 

Tiny adopted.

Luna Star adopted after available for one day!

We had a visit from Chuy (was Malcolm) and his dad. He’s such a good boy and we were thrilled to see him!

Happy trails update! Orange tabby gent George was adopted in July of last year from our Pet Food Express adoption center (his name was Oliver). He’s as handsome as ever and enjoys his toys and lots of love!

Larry has his own Instagram page…finally! Yep.

Sasha was adopted in July from our Pet Food Express adoption center, when she was a kitten named Daisy. “She’s a chatty, quirky, and very sweet cat. I’m happy to have her.”

Small animal celebration: One mouse (Prune) and three guinea pigs (Pushkin, Dostoyevsky, and Cowboy), plus a parakeet (not shown) were all adopted on the same day!

Cooper was available for all of 30 minutes before his new dad, and his doggie brother who he adopted from ARF, scooped him up.

Pita just got adopted by a new dog volunteer. She just couldn’t resist! So Pita will be staying in the ACC family.

Big boy Thomas is settling in quite nicely in his new home. He is living the life and has a wonderful dog sister Marlee to play with. They’re like two peas in a pod.

A happy reunion story. This couple came in to meet some birds after their parakeet was lost and they’d been unable to find her. Who did they see in our small animals room? Their lost parakeet, Sparkles, who’d been brought in as a stray and was very happy to see them!

Nikita might look grumpy, but she was very happy to go home with her new sister!

Cutie pie Jimmy (in the middle) went home with two brother dogs who got along great with Jimmy. Dad is smitten, and roommate is thrilled to have a new housemate! 

Check out Luigi’s new family; this boy was another ACC graduate adopted after a transfer to Boise. He is one lucky dog and looks so happy. We thank the Boise Bully Breed Rescue group for taking some of our pitties up to the country where they are getting great homes!

Volunteer Victory! A sweet adoption love story for Remus, who was adopted by ACC volunteer Spencer Rennerfeldt. She fell in love with his charming, drooling personality while walking him, taking him on field trips, and hanging out in his kennel. Remus did his share of purring and giving it right back, and he knew he had it made when she took him home. Now we’re getting lovely updates from Spencer…

“It’s been a couple weeks and I wanted to share an update about our favorite chocolate hippo, Remus!! Since leaving the shelter, this boy’s personality has continued to shine, and he continues to show me how wonderful and perfect and hilarious he is. He has happily made 4 new doggy friends so far, met and been adored by my friends and family members, and gotten to explore many new neighborhoods. He is perfectly patient and calm out in the world and happy to lay at his people’s feet while they eat a meal on a restaurant patio, even in crazy busy neighborhoods like the Mission with so many interesting things going by. His favorite game is chase, and he got such intense zoomies once that he picked a pumpkin from the garden and ran around with it. He wants only to be near you and receive his cuddles and snore and drool right in your face. He is just the most perfect boy and I couldn’t be happier. ”

We’ve had a great Caturday of cat adoptions: Bella, bonded pair Lilicoy and Taylor, Miss Whiskers and some kittens have all been adopted! …Sweet teenage kitten boy Pepper has gone home! He’ll have a new cat sibling.

Jax just went home with his new mom who works at Pet Camp.

Tabby charmer Comet has gone home with his new mom, traveling in an excellent cat carrier backpack!

“She was a rescue from the SFACC five years ago; she was named Ruby but we changed her name to Bailey and she is a big part of our family. Love her lots.”

Happy Tails! Update from an ACC alum named Rigby (formerly Jet). Her adopters say, “We adopted Jet (A431448) this past July. She’s such a sweet girl who loooooves all other dogs, camping, hiking, and snuggling. She lives with us up in Sonoma.”

Cutie pie bonded pair Bogart & Ernie went home today! Congratulations!

Long-time resident senior has been adopted. Hooray! She’s joined a home with another senior cat who’s missing his recently departed senior cat buddy!

January 2020

In January, SFACC adopted out 73 cats, 18 dogs, and 26 small animals, and transferred 175 animals to rescue organizations for a grand total of 291!

Sweet Nelly and her family were reunited after 6 months! Nelly was brought to SFACC and a microchip allowed the shelter to contact the owner in a matter of minutes. Their dog had been lost in SF, and they had moved to Nevada. When they heard that Nelly was here and safe, they jumped in the car and made it in 3 hours. Moral of the story is that it’s so important to register your pet’s microchip, and keep the contact information current. The owners did that. The reunion was amazing!

Lupin (formerly known as Patty) was adopted in January 2019 and is enjoying her forever home! Here she’s modeling a Korean traditional costume.

Low-riding cutie Jack Jack was recently adopted we already have an update. His name is now Morty – short for Mortadella and he’s clearly settling/snuggling in.

“We met and adopted Einstein (a German Shepard puppy SFACC shelter had rescued last August) and he is a joy and a wonderful dog. Einstein is much loved and my entire family is very grateful for him. We will stop in to say hi one of these days soon. He just weighed in at 80 lbs (we think is is nearly 8 months old). His temperament is wonderful, amazing actually and he is also quite handsome. Thanks for all you do. Here’re two photos: one at the park and one with my daughter and granddaughter the other day.”

A happy update, complete with some amazing refrigerator modeling! “This is Siouxsie (@siouxsieisabanshee). I adopted her in August from ACC when she was named “Jessica Aguirre.” She was found alone in Candlestick Park and now she’s a spoiled little lady living in the Richmond District!”

Sir Thomas has been adopted!

One of our longest residents, Morrison the bun, found his forever home today! Congratulations!

Kitty was adopted last week and we already got an update “Just wanted to show handsome Kitty all settled in to his new home. We brought him home Sunday and he settled in immediately and gets along with his new sister (the black lab). He’s been so friendly and a total purr machine!
Thanks to the team for helping us bring him home!”

Alegria, a long-time pittie resident has been adopted!

A pigeon adoption update, complete with an impressive collection of pigeon pants! … “I adopted Sophia the pigeon in August of 2016 on a bit of a whim, and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. She’s the sweetest, most darling little companion and I’m just so thankful that I just happened across her the way that I did.” (The adopter volunteers with our partner Palomacy Pigeon and Dove Rescue (pigeonrescue.org)!

 “A couple of weeks ago, I adopted a very timid kitten named Harlow.
Just want you all to see that he is quite happy in his new home albeit still a bit shy. If something scares him, he hides–but for less than a minute and then he’s out exploring what bothered him in the first place. We don’t have much of a view out the window, but they love the sun and each other.
Thank you for allowing me to bring him home.”
…Harlow also has a canine big sister adopted from ACC in 2017!

Billy the French bulldog adopted!

Sheru the Golden Retriever pup was so popular, he was adopted through a careful lottery process at SFACC.

Little Scooter adopted!

Sweet Jeannie adopted!

Pretty pittie Plum adopted!

Handsome Dexter (was Daxter) was adopted from us a year ago, in January of 2019. He’s living his best life, full of love and fun, and looking fantastic while doing it!

Malcolm (formerly Mohawk) is an ACC grad who went to Muttville and is headed home with David and Mary and dog brother Bruce to Pacifica where he will join their blended family that includes 5 children! He will be hanging out with David at work during the day and enjoy hikes and camping with the family.

Connie and Roland had been checking Muttville’s website daily to find just the right mutt. They saw ACC grad Chadwick and wanted to meet him right away. After some quality time together they knew he was the one! Off to Daly City they go for snuggles and adventures! Thank you to Muttville for taking so many of our senior dogs.

Transport angels SFACC volunteer Terri (L) and Boise Bully Breed Rescue Jasmine (R) brought Luigi to Idaho to give him a change of scene and more adoption exposure…Thank you SFACC staff member Kathryn Jones for arranging everything. Good luck, Luigi!

Adopted Blue Lacy pup, now named Selkie, is off to a great start in her new home: “She’s doing great and we are excited for our future adventures!
We’re moving back to the farm where we’ve lived before to manage my kid’s allergies that unexpectedly cropped up after having lived with other dogs, but never a puppy who likes to be a lap dog with kisses. So, we’ll have a dander-free area that can be closed off as well as 40+ acres of farm and forest with two other families with dogs, cats, and various livestock. She’s met all the critters – and has done exceptional all around, even the toddler who she approaches on her belly very gently.
We have a trainer who’s working with us – specifically with her & my kid together as part of a homeschool project that we’ll film. Also, after reading all the Lacy forums and articles I could find, I’ve found that Lacys excel in Search and Rescue. So, we found a SAR trainer who’s nearby and after an initial consult, she’s found that Selkie’s aptitude is over the top. So, as she grows, she’ll have a good foundation in the SAR skills and hopefully can be a working dog that way as well as a general farm dog.
Here are a few pictures from her new life … we’re so grateful to have her. Every rescue animal is special, but to have a chance with a dog like this is pretty amazing.
Thanks for all you do!”

December 2019 & January 2020


A new year and a new home for Remi!

Our longest-term resident cat, Little, found her forever home Dec. 23. Congratulations, sweet girl!

Hop, another long-term resident, was adopted January 4. Yay!! Precious bun bun.

Macy, Milo, Conrad, and Liza Minelli (top left to right) were all adopted from the Macy’s Windows adoption event (Nov-Jan. 1, 2019. What an amazing way to find a new home!

Molly (left) and her new kitten Hieronymus Bosch, Billie Bob, Charo, and bonded pair Susie Susan and Petey Pepper–all were adopted after their people saw them at Macy’s Windows!

Karl and Kumar (L) and Ricardo (more Macy’s Windows adoptions).

Roy, a sweet tuxedo kitty.

Weezer has left the building with his new parents.

Kittens Misty Blue and Ash have found their forever home! Looks like their holiday is going to be merry and bright!

An excellent update… “Hi ACC! We adopted Tyler (7-yo male silver Tabby) on Aug 17 and wanted to send you an update. Our two-year-old daughter, Olive, picked him out of the dozens of cats we saw the ACC and SPCA. As you can see, she adores him, reading to him and playing with his cat toys.”

A holiday happy adoptions update! “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Cody (formerly known as Fillmore)”.

Monica, formerly Macy, enjoying a nap in her new home and looking slimmer already.

Ms. Tessa (formerly known as Audrey Hepburn) came to visit with her new brother who was adopted from East Bay SPCA! She is at her “maximum weight” and her coat is 100% (she was very underweight when she arrived at ACC)! She is still the sweetest girl and her dad says she loves humans. We love her too!

Another Happy Tails update! Chuy (known as Malcolm during his ACC days) is enjoying his best Christmas yet. His Dad sent these pics to let everyone know he is living this great life because of everyone’s hard work at ACC. Happy Holidays everyone!

“Frida this Xmas. Happiest girl ever. Happiest family ever. All the love!”

Beautiful senior kitty, Esther, was adopted from our Pet Food Express Satellite Adoption Center. Congratulations!

Dee Dee has a new family!


Miss Mary has been coming to Muttville adoption events for several weeks now looking for just the right companion. Well, today was the day and sweet ACC grad TWYLA was the one! These two lovely ladies will spend lots of time together going on walks and snuggling on these chilly nights. We’re so glad you finally found each other and congrats to you both! #ILoveMyMuttvilleDog

Many other ACC grads have taken Muttville by storm; here are a few: Popeye, a frenchie with a cleft palate; cutest bonded pair big dog/little dog Sonny & Cher; scruffy Felix; and snuggle bug min pin Jeter. Thank you, Muttville!

Senior cat gem Treo was recently adopted from us through Toni’s Kitty Rescue! Kitten season may have slowed down, but senior cats are always in season.

Scrumptious pup Cash went home with his new dad!

A Christmas Eve adoption: Guinea pig cuties River & Puddles were adopted from our Macy’s Union Square holiday windows. Congratulations!

Jack-Jack has gone home! Happy trails happy boy!

Scribbles went home today, happy trails, handsome!

Turbo with his new mom.

DEC 3, 2019: Thank you to the caring colleagues at Imgur for donating and personally delivering fabulous toys for the animals at SFACC on GIVING TUESDAY!