January 2020

In January, SFACC adopted out 73 cats, 18 dogs, and 26 small animals, and transferred 175 animals to rescue organizations for a grand total of 291!

Sweet Nelly and her family were reunited after 6 months! Nelly was brought to SFACC and a microchip allowed the shelter to contact the owner in a matter of minutes. Their dog had been lost in SF, and they had moved to Nevada. When they heard that Nelly was here and safe, they jumped in the car and made it in 3 hours. Moral of the story is that it’s so important to register your pet’s microchip, and keep the contact information current. The owners did that. The reunion was amazing!

Lupin (formerly known as Patty) was adopted in January 2019 and is enjoying her forever home! Here she’s modeling a Korean traditional costume.

Low-riding cutie Jack Jack was recently adopted we already have an update. His name is now Morty – short for Mortadella and he’s clearly settling/snuggling in.

“We met and adopted Einstein (a German Shepard puppy SFACC shelter had rescued last August) and he is a joy and a wonderful dog. Einstein is much loved and my entire family is very grateful for him. We will stop in to say hi one of these days soon. He just weighed in at 80 lbs (we think is is nearly 8 months old). His temperament is wonderful, amazing actually and he is also quite handsome. Thanks for all you do. Here’re two photos: one at the park and one with my daughter and granddaughter the other day.”

A happy update, complete with some amazing refrigerator modeling! “This is Siouxsie (@siouxsieisabanshee). I adopted her in August from ACC when she was named “Jessica Aguirre.” She was found alone in Candlestick Park and now she’s a spoiled little lady living in the Richmond District!”

Sir Thomas has been adopted!

One of our longest residents, Morrison the bun, found his forever home today! Congratulations!

Kitty was adopted last week and we already got an update “Just wanted to show handsome Kitty all settled in to his new home. We brought him home Sunday and he settled in immediately and gets along with his new sister (the black lab). He’s been so friendly and a total purr machine!
Thanks to the team for helping us bring him home!”

Alegria, a long-time pittie resident has been adopted!

A pigeon adoption update, complete with an impressive collection of pigeon pants! … “I adopted Sophia the pigeon in August of 2016 on a bit of a whim, and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. She’s the sweetest, most darling little companion and I’m just so thankful that I just happened across her the way that I did.” (The adopter volunteers with our partner Palomacy Pigeon and Dove Rescue (pigeonrescue.org)!

 “A couple of weeks ago, I adopted a very timid kitten named Harlow.
Just want you all to see that he is quite happy in his new home albeit still a bit shy. If something scares him, he hides–but for less than a minute and then he’s out exploring what bothered him in the first place. We don’t have much of a view out the window, but they love the sun and each other.
Thank you for allowing me to bring him home.”
…Harlow also has a canine big sister adopted from ACC in 2017!

Billy the French bulldog adopted!

Sheru the Golden Retriever pup was so popular, he was adopted through a careful lottery process at SFACC.

Little Scooter adopted!

Sweet Jeannie adopted!

Pretty pittie Plum adopted!

Handsome Dexter (was Daxter) was adopted from us a year ago, in January of 2019. He’s living his best life, full of love and fun, and looking fantastic while doing it!

Malcolm (formerly Mohawk) is an ACC grad who went to Muttville and is headed home with David and Mary and dog brother Bruce to Pacifica where he will join their blended family that includes 5 children! He will be hanging out with David at work during the day and enjoy hikes and camping with the family.

Connie and Roland had been checking Muttville’s website daily to find just the right mutt. They saw ACC grad Chadwick and wanted to meet him right away. After some quality time together they knew he was the one! Off to Daly City they go for snuggles and adventures! Thank you to Muttville for taking so many of our senior dogs.

Transport angels SFACC volunteer Terri (L) and Boise Bully Breed Rescue Jasmine (R) brought Luigi to Idaho to give him a change of scene and more adoption exposure…Thank you SFACC staff member Kathryn Jones for arranging everything. Good luck, Luigi!

Adopted Blue Lacy pup, now named Selkie, is off to a great start in her new home: “She’s doing great and we are excited for our future adventures!
We’re moving back to the farm where we’ve lived before to manage my kid’s allergies that unexpectedly cropped up after having lived with other dogs, but never a puppy who likes to be a lap dog with kisses. So, we’ll have a dander-free area that can be closed off as well as 40+ acres of farm and forest with two other families with dogs, cats, and various livestock. She’s met all the critters – and has done exceptional all around, even the toddler who she approaches on her belly very gently.
We have a trainer who’s working with us – specifically with her & my kid together as part of a homeschool project that we’ll film. Also, after reading all the Lacy forums and articles I could find, I’ve found that Lacys excel in Search and Rescue. So, we found a SAR trainer who’s nearby and after an initial consult, she’s found that Selkie’s aptitude is over the top. So, as she grows, she’ll have a good foundation in the SAR skills and hopefully can be a working dog that way as well as a general farm dog.
Here are a few pictures from her new life … we’re so grateful to have her. Every rescue animal is special, but to have a chance with a dog like this is pretty amazing.
Thanks for all you do!”

December 2019 & January 2020


A new year and a new home for Remi!

Our longest-term resident cat, Little, found her forever home Dec. 23. Congratulations, sweet girl!

Hop, another long-term resident, was adopted January 4. Yay!! Precious bun bun.

Macy, Milo, Conrad, and Liza Minelli (top left to right) were all adopted from the Macy’s Windows adoption event (Nov-Jan. 1, 2019. What an amazing way to find a new home!

Molly (left) and her new kitten Hieronymus Bosch, Billie Bob, Charo, and bonded pair Susie Susan and Petey Pepper–all were adopted after their people saw them at Macy’s Windows!

Karl and Kumar (L) and Ricardo (more Macy’s Windows adoptions).

Roy, a sweet tuxedo kitty.

Weezer has left the building with his new parents.

Kittens Misty Blue and Ash have found their forever home! Looks like their holiday is going to be merry and bright!

An excellent update… “Hi ACC! We adopted Tyler (7-yo male silver Tabby) on Aug 17 and wanted to send you an update. Our two-year-old daughter, Olive, picked him out of the dozens of cats we saw the ACC and SPCA. As you can see, she adores him, reading to him and playing with his cat toys.”

A holiday happy adoptions update! “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Cody (formerly known as Fillmore)”.

Monica, formerly Macy, enjoying a nap in her new home and looking slimmer already.

Ms. Tessa (formerly known as Audrey Hepburn) came to visit with her new brother who was adopted from East Bay SPCA! She is at her “maximum weight” and her coat is 100% (she was very underweight when she arrived at ACC)! She is still the sweetest girl and her dad says she loves humans. We love her too!

Another Happy Tails update! Chuy (known as Malcolm during his ACC days) is enjoying his best Christmas yet. His Dad sent these pics to let everyone know he is living this great life because of everyone’s hard work at ACC. Happy Holidays everyone!

“Frida this Xmas. Happiest girl ever. Happiest family ever. All the love!”

Beautiful senior kitty, Esther, was adopted from our Pet Food Express Satellite Adoption Center. Congratulations!

Dee Dee has a new family!


Miss Mary has been coming to Muttville adoption events for several weeks now looking for just the right companion. Well, today was the day and sweet ACC grad TWYLA was the one! These two lovely ladies will spend lots of time together going on walks and snuggling on these chilly nights. We’re so glad you finally found each other and congrats to you both! #ILoveMyMuttvilleDog

Many other ACC grads have taken Muttville by storm; here are a few: Popeye, a frenchie with a cleft palate; cutest bonded pair big dog/little dog Sonny & Cher; scruffy Felix; and snuggle bug min pin Jeter. Thank you, Muttville!

Senior cat gem Treo was recently adopted from us through Toni’s Kitty Rescue! Kitten season may have slowed down, but senior cats are always in season.

Scrumptious pup Cash went home with his new dad!

A Christmas Eve adoption: Guinea pig cuties River & Puddles were adopted from our Macy’s Union Square holiday windows. Congratulations!

Jack-Jack has gone home! Happy trails happy boy!

Scribbles went home today, happy trails, handsome!

Turbo with his new mom.

DEC 3, 2019: Thank you to the caring colleagues at Imgur for donating and personally delivering fabulous toys for the animals at SFACC on GIVING TUESDAY!

November 2019

Tanis was adopted by the family that found her. Sweet!

A great update about Armstrong and Shepherd, a bonded pair of kittens who were with us for several months: “Bear (aka Armstrong) and Sammie (aka Shepard) are the sweetest cats.
I am very lucky and happy that I was able to adopt them.” We’re so happy that these boys are enjoying life together in their new home!


Blue, now Honey was adopted by professional dog trainer/walkers. Lucky girl!

Hospice boy TRUFFLE KERFUFFLE won over the hearts of Jan & Laura. Just look at his puffy Pom self! He’s on his way home to the Marina in SF to enjoy endless cuddles and walks in the sun! This makes the Owens’ family’s 13th Muttville senior dog over the years. They recently lost their sweet Precious who they loved for six years and Maple, their little Muttville poodle needed a new companion. Thank you for caring for our senior dogs!

Columbia is on the way home from Macy’s Holiday Windows. Enjoy your new family and your new home!

ACC alumni Warabi (fka Wallaby) and Opal (fka as Tippy) met up at the flower market. We love seeing our grads out and about!

Diesel, adopted and heading home to Sacramento. He is the third dog his mom has adopted from SFACC.

Chewy, formerly Malcom, came by ACC for a visit and got a massage from a friend.

Delilah, now Zuzu!

Look who found a home shortly after arriving in Idaho! A huge thank-you to Kathryn Jones (ACC staff) for her collaboration with Boise Bully Breed Rescue (Idaho) in securing transfer for two ACC dogs, Pickles & Roxie (gray pittie), and to Chucho Johnson for providing transport for them.  Ms. Jones is exceptional at placing dogs with rescues outside of the shelter and we can’t thank her enough. … A big congratulations to Annie and Mike for adopting sweet Roxie! Annie reports everyone is getting along well and Roxie is settling in perfectly.


A great Caturday update: kitten boy Ward is now Mittens, “a happy little love bug who charms everyone that meets him. He loves to play, but loves to cuddle even more. My fiancé and I are so lucky to have him in our little family!”

Sweet Suzy Q (now named Kelly) went home with her new dad! He had a terrier for 13 years and was ready to open his heart to a new love…they were smitten.

Tootsie, the velvet hippo on the left, was taken by ARF. A volunteer there fell in love and adopted her. Here she is with her humans and her brother Bubba living her best life.

Ziggy is heading home for the holidays from the Macy’s Windows thanks to the hard work of our staff and volunteers! Go Team ACC!

An update on Kona, now Lilo… ” Lilo and her new big little sister, Nani are getting along well! Nani (now 6 years) and Lilo actually share a birthday, we think it was really meant to be. We’ve only had Lilo for less than 2 weeks and she just fits right in with our little family.”


Tiny Nando


October 2019

Sherbert the Third adopted!

Krispy (L) and Buckwheat were redeemed by their families this month. Other than adoptions, redemptions are truly one of the happiest outcomes from services provided by SFACC staff. Happy-ever-after to these two dogs whose families were able to be identified and reunited with assistance from our shelter!

We hope that kittens will go home in pairs, but our hopes were exceeded when these three kitten sisters were adopted together!



16-year-old Arnold

We had a visit from ACC grad Larry! This big one-eyed sweetie came by with his mom, bringing Halloween toys for the shelter dogs, and lots of cuddles and kisses for his friends. Come back again soon cutie!


Here is a big hello from Lorraine Hansberry (formerly Bramble Pie) and Jojo (formerly Georgia). Lolo and Jojo have met, hung out, and are good beach-walking buddies.


Chickpea was adopted one year ago (Oct 2018)  and sent us this great anniversary update…”Although Chickpea loves sitting in laps on the couch above all else, he’s gone from 9.6lbs to 8lbs which his Vet suggested, just by eating well and playing on the beach almost every day! He’s a happy boy and loves his home being his safe place. He spends a few days a week at work with his mom in a vet clinic and runs his own instagram page- @chickpeachihuahua
We can’t imagine life without him! 💖💖💖 Thank you SFACC!!!”

FIV+ senior cat “Magic
(fka Vino) was scooped up from SFACC on January 9, 2017. Described as a
“sweet, sweet, wee bit scruffy gentleman,” Magic is thriving and has
surpassed every expectation since moving into his new forever home. He is a
total ham who loves being the center of attention. The quickest way to his
heart is a good brushing, and his only transgression might be his tendency to
steal your pillow. We’re pretty sure he is part dog–he sits on command, provides
ample face licks, and even enjoys playing catch. Despite being a senior FIV+
cat, he remains healthy and spry with regular vet visits. Hopefully Magic’s
success story will encourage other adopters to consider older and special needs
kitties–they have plenty of love to give and their care and maintenance can be
totally manageable!”

Baby Loo (was Libby)
adopted in 2014 and sent us this update: “Hi ACC,
Just checking in on what is my 5th year in my
forever home (Oct. 15th, 2014). There’s not much to report, although I did have
a rather nasty run in with a foxtail, otherwise I won’t bore you with the
details… Other than that, I’ve been living my best life with my Mom, Dad, and
the boys Bullet and Taco. Fort Funston is still my favorite spot to visit, I
love going down to the beach and running in the water, but for some reason my
mom only lets me do this in the summertime the rest of the year she tells me,
“No, Libby, not today it’s too cold”… I don’t even know what that means,
cold?!? Thanks again ACC for finding me the perfect home…

Dandelion kitten update: The kittens found in the wall of Dandelion Chocolate (!) are thriving in their foster home. They came in today for a checkup and are doing great!

Skip and Zeke (R) were adopted together and now live in Boise, thanks to the magical work of Super Animal Care Attendant, Katy Jones, who made the connection with their adopter. Now Zeke has his very own princess to attend to. They are best buds!

Sunny and new family!


Tico and family

Jax (formerly Timothy)


September 2019

203 adoptions in September; not including animals that went to rescues!

Two of our Toni’s Kitty Rescue graduates, Frankie and Short Stack, were adopted in Sept. Their foster mom was Toni herself. Here they are ready to go to their new home. Thank you Toni, for your partnership with SFACC!

Maine Coon kitties Kota & Kai were adopted by Warriors rookie guard, Jordan Poole. It’s nice to see them settling in and enjoying life. Here’s a VIDEO update, courtesy of NBC Sports.com…“They complement each other really well: Koda’s a talker and Kai’s very athletic and is so graceful…”

Brie (formerly Toast)
“is the best dog we could ask for. She gets along so well with her two
brothers, constantly snuggling or bugging them to play with her. I bring her to
work with me every day, where she meets new people, dogs and occasionally cats
– she is playful and curious with everyone, a true social butterfly. She is an
absolute dream and we couldn’t be more in love with her – so thank you for
taking care of her and giving us the opportunity to adopt her.” Toast was
adopted in October of 2018.

Sushi, was adopted as a puppy in early 2018, is living his best adventurous life. Looks like he’s a water lover! We love seeing and sharing updates. If you have one you’d like to share about your ACC grad, please send them to ACC@sfgov.org.

LOTS of cat adoptions happened in September, including kitten Mateo, here with his new family. …Cats Lulu, Azalea, Frazzle and Kitty were also adopted that same day, as well as kittens Dynamite Kid, Charlie and Michelle. Congratulations to all our adopters!

Georgia and her new mom.

Mumford (was named Monster), a 14 year old diabetic Maine Coon came to SFACC because his owners were having a baby and his behavior changed. Luckily, Diabetic Cats in Need Rescue got wind of Mumford and called to say they were coming to get him. They drove from Modesto to pick him up!

Tweety adopted with new dad.

Scrumptious kitten Hector was adopted today and he went home with handsome tabby Max (R)! What a terrific tabby twosome!

Murphy is excited to go to his new home!

We’ve had lots of small animal adoptions lately! Conure Potate, rattie Ink, Yolanda the bun, and parakeets Sweet Pea, Boba, Snow White, Reggie & Belle all found their forever homes!



We have an update for Tenzing, the cat rescued from the Bay Bridge… “BB (for Bay Bridge), is doing great. He made it safely across the bridge and is happily adjusting to his new surroundings. He has two other cat roommates and they’re happily getting to know one another. Since his arrival, he’s been exploring the different rooms, climbing on the counter tops, playing with new toys, chasing lasers, and taking plenty of naps. I believe his two superpowers are eating and napping. We are so happy to welcome BB to our home and are excited for what the future holds.

SF ACC alum Finn (formerly Rushmore) is living his best Husky life with his new family. He was adopted in March, 2019.

Four kittens were found Sept. 23 in the wall of our neighbor’s building, Dandelion Chocolate! An employee heard teeny meows coming from a wall in an area under construction and convinced the construction workers to break into the wall, where they found four 3-week-old kittens! The kittens are now well fed and safely in the foster care of Toni of our partner Toni’s Kitty Rescue. Thank you Dandelion and Toni!

Sweet pup Millie went home to the happiest and
most excited new parents today!

Two bonded pairs were adopted the same day: Hideyoshi & Marishka (L), and kitten pair Hans & Gretchen!



Luna and Terra are both three-year-old ACC alumna and
frequently enjoy the beautiful outdoors by visiting the beach, parks, and going
hiking. Luna, Labrador Retriever/Pit Bull was adopted in June 2016, and Terra, a
Staffordshire was adopted the following summer, August 2017.

A huge thanks to Tony La Russa’s Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF) for taking 13 SFACC dogs into their care this month. And hooray for superhero Animal Care Attendant Katy Jones who took care of all the paperwork required. Smokey Bear (R) was one of the lucky dogs!