January 2020

In January, SFACC adopted out 73 cats, 18 dogs, and 26 small animals, and transferred 175 animals to rescue organizations for a grand total of 291!

Sweet Nelly and her family were reunited after 6 months! Nelly was brought to SFACC and a microchip allowed the shelter to contact the owner in a matter of minutes. Their dog had been lost in SF, and they had moved to Nevada. When they heard that Nelly was here and safe, they jumped in the car and made it in 3 hours. Moral of the story is that it’s so important to register your pet’s microchip, and keep the contact information current. The owners did that. The reunion was amazing!

Lupin (formerly known as Patty) was adopted in January 2019 and is enjoying her forever home! Here she’s modeling a Korean traditional costume.

Low-riding cutie Jack Jack was recently adopted we already have an update. His name is now Morty – short for Mortadella and he’s clearly settling/snuggling in.

“We met and adopted Einstein (a German Shepard puppy SFACC shelter had rescued last August) and he is a joy and a wonderful dog. Einstein is much loved and my entire family is very grateful for him. We will stop in to say hi one of these days soon. He just weighed in at 80 lbs (we think is is nearly 8 months old). His temperament is wonderful, amazing actually and he is also quite handsome. Thanks for all you do. Here’re two photos: one at the park and one with my daughter and granddaughter the other day.”

A happy update, complete with some amazing refrigerator modeling! “This is Siouxsie (@siouxsieisabanshee). I adopted her in August from ACC when she was named “Jessica Aguirre.” She was found alone in Candlestick Park and now she’s a spoiled little lady living in the Richmond District!”

Sir Thomas has been adopted!

One of our longest residents, Morrison the bun, found his forever home today! Congratulations!

Kitty was adopted last week and we already got an update “Just wanted to show handsome Kitty all settled in to his new home. We brought him home Sunday and he settled in immediately and gets along with his new sister (the black lab). He’s been so friendly and a total purr machine!
Thanks to the team for helping us bring him home!”

Alegria, a long-time pittie resident has been adopted!

A pigeon adoption update, complete with an impressive collection of pigeon pants! … “I adopted Sophia the pigeon in August of 2016 on a bit of a whim, and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. She’s the sweetest, most darling little companion and I’m just so thankful that I just happened across her the way that I did.” (The adopter volunteers with our partner Palomacy Pigeon and Dove Rescue (pigeonrescue.org)!

 “A couple of weeks ago, I adopted a very timid kitten named Harlow.
Just want you all to see that he is quite happy in his new home albeit still a bit shy. If something scares him, he hides–but for less than a minute and then he’s out exploring what bothered him in the first place. We don’t have much of a view out the window, but they love the sun and each other.
Thank you for allowing me to bring him home.”
…Harlow also has a canine big sister adopted from ACC in 2017!

Billy the French bulldog adopted!

Sheru the Golden Retriever pup was so popular, he was adopted through a careful lottery process at SFACC.

Little Scooter adopted!

Sweet Jeannie adopted!

Pretty pittie Plum adopted!

Handsome Dexter (was Daxter) was adopted from us a year ago, in January of 2019. He’s living his best life, full of love and fun, and looking fantastic while doing it!

Malcolm (formerly Mohawk) is an ACC grad who went to Muttville and is headed home with David and Mary and dog brother Bruce to Pacifica where he will join their blended family that includes 5 children! He will be hanging out with David at work during the day and enjoy hikes and camping with the family.

Connie and Roland had been checking Muttville’s website daily to find just the right mutt. They saw ACC grad Chadwick and wanted to meet him right away. After some quality time together they knew he was the one! Off to Daly City they go for snuggles and adventures! Thank you to Muttville for taking so many of our senior dogs.

Transport angels SFACC volunteer Terri (L) and Boise Bully Breed Rescue Jasmine (R) brought Luigi to Idaho to give him a change of scene and more adoption exposure…Thank you SFACC staff member Kathryn Jones for arranging everything. Good luck, Luigi!

Adopted Blue Lacy pup, now named Selkie, is off to a great start in her new home: “She’s doing great and we are excited for our future adventures!
We’re moving back to the farm where we’ve lived before to manage my kid’s allergies that unexpectedly cropped up after having lived with other dogs, but never a puppy who likes to be a lap dog with kisses. So, we’ll have a dander-free area that can be closed off as well as 40+ acres of farm and forest with two other families with dogs, cats, and various livestock. She’s met all the critters – and has done exceptional all around, even the toddler who she approaches on her belly very gently.
We have a trainer who’s working with us – specifically with her & my kid together as part of a homeschool project that we’ll film. Also, after reading all the Lacy forums and articles I could find, I’ve found that Lacys excel in Search and Rescue. So, we found a SAR trainer who’s nearby and after an initial consult, she’s found that Selkie’s aptitude is over the top. So, as she grows, she’ll have a good foundation in the SAR skills and hopefully can be a working dog that way as well as a general farm dog.
Here are a few pictures from her new life … we’re so grateful to have her. Every rescue animal is special, but to have a chance with a dog like this is pretty amazing.
Thanks for all you do!”

Pet Camp Pittie Party 2020

Don’t let Valentine’s Day turn into a self-pity party, instead attend Pet Camp’s “Pittie Party” with your forever valentine, your Pittie pup!

Enjoy drinks and hors d’oeuvres with other amazing humans (like yourself) and their amazing pitties. That’s right, Pet Camp’s Pittie Party includes actual Pitties!

This Valentine’s Day, Pet Camp is sharing the love—all proceeds go to Friends of San Francisco Animal Care & Control to help build the new SFACC animal shelter. AND Pet Camp will match every dollar!

Join the pittie pack for a Valentine’s Day Party that won’t be pitiful, but rather pittie-full!

When: Tuesday, February 11th, from 6:00pm to 9:00pm.
Where: The Pet Camp Meadow, 525 Phelps St, San Francisco, CA 94124
What You Get: beer, wine, sparkling water, hors d’oeuvre & dog treats, swag bag.
Who: You and Your Pittie.
Cost: $20 AND for every dollar raised Pet Camp will match!

Get your tickets today at Eventbrite!

Donor Salute – Rachel Krall & Belarus

Adoption is always in style! Our hats are off, and our t-shirts and sweatshirts are ON in salute to SFACC grad cat Belarus and his amazing mom, Rachel Krall, who contributed $4,000 to SFACC in 2019 from fundraising projects and her own corporate matching gift. Her idea for a Belarus t-shirt fundraising drive came to her in July, 2019 after she adopted lovable, cross-eyed Belarus from the shelter the year before. She teamed with a company called Bonfire to create t-shirts with Belarus’s adorable face and and the tag-line “Love isn’t blind; it’s cross-eyed” and sold them online, with the proceeds going to Friends of SFACC. The shirts were so popular that Rachel decided to expand to winter wear—a delightful sweatshirt with Belarus’s adorable face on the front and the message “Adoption: The Best Pedigree” on the back. One hundred percent of the proceeds from the sweatshirt drive were split between SFACC and Cat Town in Oakland.









…On a roll, Rachel also initiated a donation to SFACC of needed supplies from litterbox.com, which she hand-delivered to the shelter in December. We’re so grateful to her for channeling her love of beloved furry companion, Belarus, into a creative way to share that love and help the shelter too!

More about Belarus and Rachel…
Belarus was rescued from San Francisco Animal Care & Control in June 2018, when his googly eyes and winning personality caught the attention of many and won Rachel’s heart. This furry gray boy was surrendered to SFACC by his previous family because of landlord issues. He was at the shelter for about a month before a series of his photos by Josh Norem (@furrtographer) went viral after being posted on SFACC’s Instagram account. Rachel saw them and immediately knew she had to meet him. She is a big-time animal lover and had been following shelter pages for three years, hoping to find the perfect companion to offer a loving home. When she saw Belarus and heard more about him and that he needed a quiet and loving home, she knew it was meant to be.

Rachel rearranged her schedule and made a special trip to the shelter to meet Belarus. She was informed later that evening that she could take him home! “He’s now the king of his 1-bedroom castle in San Francisco. Belarus has continued to catch the eyes of many admirers on his new Instagram account @My_Boy_Belarus. He is a very active and oh so curious cat. He loves to play with balls and can even give high-fives for treats! He seems highly intelligent and doesn’t let his wonky eyes slow him down, in fact, he seems to see just fine minus a few quirks (like pawing at his water).”

Many mews and thanks to fundraising superhero Rachel Krall! Her passion for animals and her creative efforts in helping SFACC go far beyond adoption and inspire us all.

Belarus’s now has an Official Merchandise Store where you can order two shirt designs in a variety of fabrics and colors. Both designs donate 50% of proceeds to SFACC. Check them out HERE!


December 2019 & January 2020


A new year and a new home for Remi!

Our longest-term resident cat, Little, found her forever home Dec. 23. Congratulations, sweet girl!

Hop, another long-term resident, was adopted January 4. Yay!! Precious bun bun.

Macy, Milo, Conrad, and Liza Minelli (top left to right) were all adopted from the Macy’s Windows adoption event (Nov-Jan. 1, 2019. What an amazing way to find a new home!

Molly (left) and her new kitten Hieronymus Bosch, Billie Bob, Charo, and bonded pair Susie Susan and Petey Pepper–all were adopted after their people saw them at Macy’s Windows!

Karl and Kumar (L) and Ricardo (more Macy’s Windows adoptions).

Roy, a sweet tuxedo kitty.

Weezer has left the building with his new parents.

Kittens Misty Blue and Ash have found their forever home! Looks like their holiday is going to be merry and bright!

An excellent update… “Hi ACC! We adopted Tyler (7-yo male silver Tabby) on Aug 17 and wanted to send you an update. Our two-year-old daughter, Olive, picked him out of the dozens of cats we saw the ACC and SPCA. As you can see, she adores him, reading to him and playing with his cat toys.”

A holiday happy adoptions update! “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Cody (formerly known as Fillmore)”.

Monica, formerly Macy, enjoying a nap in her new home and looking slimmer already.

Ms. Tessa (formerly known as Audrey Hepburn) came to visit with her new brother who was adopted from East Bay SPCA! She is at her “maximum weight” and her coat is 100% (she was very underweight when she arrived at ACC)! She is still the sweetest girl and her dad says she loves humans. We love her too!

Another Happy Tails update! Chuy (known as Malcolm during his ACC days) is enjoying his best Christmas yet. His Dad sent these pics to let everyone know he is living this great life because of everyone’s hard work at ACC. Happy Holidays everyone!

“Frida this Xmas. Happiest girl ever. Happiest family ever. All the love!”

Beautiful senior kitty, Esther, was adopted from our Pet Food Express Satellite Adoption Center. Congratulations!

Dee Dee has a new family!


Miss Mary has been coming to Muttville adoption events for several weeks now looking for just the right companion. Well, today was the day and sweet ACC grad TWYLA was the one! These two lovely ladies will spend lots of time together going on walks and snuggling on these chilly nights. We’re so glad you finally found each other and congrats to you both! #ILoveMyMuttvilleDog

Many other ACC grads have taken Muttville by storm; here are a few: Popeye, a frenchie with a cleft palate; cutest bonded pair big dog/little dog Sonny & Cher; scruffy Felix; and snuggle bug min pin Jeter. Thank you, Muttville!

Senior cat gem Treo was recently adopted from us through Toni’s Kitty Rescue! Kitten season may have slowed down, but senior cats are always in season.

Scrumptious pup Cash went home with his new dad!

A Christmas Eve adoption: Guinea pig cuties River & Puddles were adopted from our Macy’s Union Square holiday windows. Congratulations!

Jack-Jack has gone home! Happy trails happy boy!

Scribbles went home today, happy trails, handsome!

Turbo with his new mom.

DEC 3, 2019: Thank you to the caring colleagues at Imgur for donating and personally delivering fabulous toys for the animals at SFACC on GIVING TUESDAY!

2019 Impact Report & Meet Lauren Weston, Chair

As 2019 draws to a close, I want to introduce myself as the new Chair of Friends of SFACC, and to thank Genevieve Herreria for her many years of service as board chair, animal champion, and friend of San Francisco Animal Care and Control. Her leadership has been foundational to our successes, the most important of which is that construction began in April on the new shelter building, with completion expected Spring of 2021!

The facility will be a state-of-the-art, modernized and retrofitted historic building. Constructed in 1893 and rich in San Francisco history, the building at Bryant and Alameda Streets will be preserved for all San Franciscans to visit and enjoy. The new SFACC facility will follow best practices in disease, noise, and odor control, and improve the overall well-being and adoptability of animals in their care. Our goal is to raise $4.3 million over the next four years for the new building as well as to ensure continued support for programs that are not covered by the City budget.

Because of people like you who want to make a difference, Friends provides support to SFACC that allows this incredible shelter to better serve the community. Please read our 2019 Impact Report and consider a year-end gift. With your help, we can better serve the County of San Francisco and all the domestic and wild animals in need in 2020. We could not do this work without the financial support of friends like you. Thank you for being our partner.

Thank you for all you do for animals,

Lauren Weston

P.S. I would love to show you the new building site and the progress made so far! Please contact me to schedule a tour. I also encourage you to visit our website at friendsofsfacc.org, sign up for our newsletter, and keep an eye out for emails from Friends to learn more about the other programs we support.