May 2019

In May, SFACC adopted out 89 cats, 19 dogs, and 9 small animals!
Of course when adopters come for visits or send updates, we love sharing them…

Big beautiful Indy came to the new SFACC shelter groundbreaking on May 15. She was adopted in early 2017 as a pup (was named Hannah) and has grown to be a friendly, playful and exuberant girl! She and her owner regularly stop by at SFACC to drop off treat donations. Here’s a photo of her as a pup when she was at SFACC. Thanks for coming by Indy and mom!

Update about Princess Sophia, now Eunice… “She is
the smallest kitty with the biggest meow, and loves to greet me loudly
especially when I come home to demand pets, food, and play. She loves chasing
feathery things, climbing into cardboard boxes, and following me wherever I
go–especially if I have food in my hand. Overall, she really has been super
sweet, and is a great cuddler and purr monster. Since moving in, she has slept
next to me every night and is sure to wake me up every morning demanding her
food! I love her to pieces already!”

Malcolm, our longest current shelter resident has found a great forever home! From his adopter, Matthew Wong: “This guy is very sweet! Thank you to SFACC. You guys are the best!!!! I promise I will bring him back ASAP. BTW his new name is Chuy (pronounced chewy) Wong. Look out world, here he comes!!!!!!!”

Update on Winston: “We are so pleased with our adoption of Winston 9 years ago! He is now a big brother to his human sister Ella and is a perfect gentleman 24/7. We moved from San Francisco to Boston in 2013, and then moved again to Palm Beach, Florida this past October. Each move Winston has taken in stride, but he is most happy lounging in the sun and soaking up the salt air down south. We love SFACC!”

Adorable Aubergine was
adopted recently and we’ve already received and update. His lucky adopter says
“He’s a very fun pig!”

Milo update (formerly
Mike): “loves to go on walks and say hello to all the neighbors (pups and
humans alike!), play with his toys, chase and play fetch, and snuggle on a warm
lap (And help his mom with her work 😅)!”

Silly boy Joaquin has left the building with his new mom! He’s going to be enjoying life in San Francisco. Have fun!

Little Triscuit got adopted by a very lovely
family. She will be Rooney from now on.

“I just wanted to reach out to say thank you SFACC! …We adopted our chihuahua from you back in October (during the Pet Pride Day street fair with SF SPCA). She was called Toast at the time, we had been looking for a small girl chihuahua, and after seeing her photo online and speaking with ACC staff about her personality we knew we had to meet her. The next day we were there for opening, with our other two dogs, and asked to meet Toast. 
The rest is history, she is now called Brie and is the best dog we could ask for. She gets along so well with her two brothers, constantly snuggling or bugging them to play with her. I bring her to work with me every day, where she meets new people, dogs and occasionally cats–she is playful and curious with everyone, a true social butterfly. She is an absolute dream and we couldn’t be more in love with her–so thank you for taking care of her and giving us the opportunity to adopt her.”

From the adopters of
Juliet (now Layla): “She is doing so well! She warmed up to us very quickly and
is well behaved. She responds to training very well. She’s always so happy and
she loves every person and every dog she sees. We’re socializing her very well
and overall we are so happy with her 🥰 Thank you for such a great adoption experience.” Thank YOU for

We had a magnificent visitor: Kochief and his person came by to say hi. He was adopted from us as a puppy in February 2014 and is now a big happy boy of 150 lbs!

Kochief takes a treat from SFACC staffer Naomi.

Jim went home with a sweet family. He will have a baby human sister as well as a canine and kitty sibling. 

Hobbit came by for a visit with his adoring fans. He’s definitely been working out at the gym!

Sweetie pie Sherman went home with his new mom.

Wiley went home!

Arthur Goodboy (his real name) was adopted. Yay!

Look who got adopted
before we even posted her: sweet scruffimuffun pup Ginger! Have a great life

“Roxie, the kitty who was adopted last Saturday has been doing great in her new home with me and Juno dog. She is calm, friendly, easy going, playful when she wants to be, loves her scratching box to roll around in. She and Ms Juno are doing well together – both being respectful.”

SFACC and SFDPW Break Ground on New SFACC Shelter 

L to R: City Administrator Naomi Kelly, SFACC Executive Director Virginia Donohue,
Mayor London Breed, Former SF Supervisor Katy Tang,
and SF Dept. of Public Works Director Mohammed Nuru

By Joanne Ladolcetta
May 15, 2019

This morning was the groundbreaking ceremony for San Francisco Animal Care & Control’s new animal shelter. It was a good turnout, despite the rain. We huddled under a tent to listen to various speakers including Mayor London Breed (wearing fabulous boots), former SF Supervisor Katy Tang, who advocated tirelessly for the new shelter, Executive Director of SFACC, Virginia Donahue, City Administrator Naomi Kelly, and SFDPW Director Mohammed Nuru. There were a couple of adorable and adoptable animal ambassadors also in attendance.

On average, 10,000 animals come through the doors of San Francisco Animal Care & Control (SFACC) every year. Unlike more targeted rescue organizations, they take on animals of every kind. We’re talking goats, chinchillas, reptiles, birds, fish.

SFACC’s current shelter was put together in 1989 during a six-month period when the SF SPCA gave up its animal control contract with the city. Enclosures don’t meet industry standards. There’s not enough room for animals to get adequate exercise and socialization. There isn’t a proper system in place for disease quarantine. The building is not seismically safe. This was not designed to be a lasting solution.

The new shelter will be at 1419 Bryant Street in a building that most recently housed MUNI’s overhead lines repair shop. The exterior has to stay, because it’s a historic building, but the inside will be transformed into a state-of-the-art animal shelter nearly double the size of the current facility. There will be more play space (9,000 square feet of yard), better facilities for veterinarian and dental care, public spaces for classes and workshops and sweet sweet air conditioning.

I hadn’t realized that along with adoptions and being the place to go when looking for a lost pet, SFACC also provides disaster and emergency response. SFACC sent a team to Paradise for close to a month after the deadly and destructive wildfire, because 800 animals were displaced and needed care.

SFACC is also responsible for local wildlife rescue. When a raccoon gets stuck in PG&E equipment, who do you call? SFACC. They are the ones who will, “oil him up and pop him out.” I got the feeling that this happens more frequently than you’d think!

The city of San Francisco is investing over $70 million in the new shelter. SFACC’s dedicated nonprofit, Friends of San Francisco Animal Care & Control, needs to raise $4.3 million more to help make the new facility a welcoming place for animals and their pet guardians, and to sustain critical shelter programs that are not funded by the city budget. To find out more about how you can become involved in the shelter campaign, email

Photos courtesy of Joanne Ladolcetta and SFDPW…

San Francisco Animal Care and Control Announces Groundbreaking of New Shelter

Historic renovation blends modern technology and smart architecture to support the City’s first animal emergency responder. See how the new facility will improve the lives of animals and their guardians, and the SFACC staff in this VIDEO produced by DPW.

On May 15 at 11:00 AM, San Francisco Animal Care & Control (SFACC) broke ground on a new state-of-the-art animal shelter at 1419 Bryant Street. Mayor London Breed, City Administrator Naomi Kelly, former S.F. Supervisor Katy Tang, The Friends of Animal Care & Control, The Dept. of Public Works, Clark Construction, and the Department of Animal Care & Control staff, volunteers and animals gathered to celebrate this historic occasion. The new facility will enable SFACC to fulfill its responsibilities as San Francisco’s first responder for all domestic and wildlife animal emergencies, as well as better serve the City’s growing population of lost, abandoned, sick, injured, abused, and surrendered animals. The event was open to the public and about 200 attendees were sheltered from a light rain to hear remarks from city dignitaries and show support.

The 65,000 square-foot project–a collaboration between SFACC, the San Francisco Department of Public Works, and the San Francisco Office of the City Administrator–is scheduled to open in 2021, and is designed to provide safe, sanitary, and humane conditions in line with best practice animal health and welfare standards. Improvements over the current building include specially engineered ventilation schemes, room finishes, noise reduction strategies, and cleaning systems to mitigate disease paths, control noise and odors, facilitate sanitation, and improve the welfare and adoptability of all animal occupants. The project will allow SFACC to continue emergency operations after a major earthquake, even if power and water are temporarily interrupted. With nearly double the square footage of the current building, the new shelter will include a modernized veterinary suite, expanded play and training areas for all animals, and new education spaces to serve the public, animal care staff, and the many volunteers who log over 27,000 hours at SFACC every year. 

“We are thrilled to take this next step in our journey.” says SFACC Executive Director Virginia Donohue, who hosted the groundbreaking ceremony. “The new building will allow Animal Care and Control to advance our mission to care for and protect San Francisco’s animals and support the people who love them. We are extremely grateful for the City’s commitment to building a sustainable future for all of San Francisco’s animals.”

The new facility replaces SFACC’s existing home at 1200 15th Street, where the agency has been for nearly 30 years. The 15th Street location was constructed as a warehouse in 1931 and repurposed as the municipal animal shelter in 1989. The renovated facility on Bryant Street similarly will carry a historic legacy—this time of an 1893 San Francisco Municipal Transit Agency power station originally used to store vehicles and overhead lines.

SFACC’s groundbreaking ceremony marks the 30th anniversary of SFACC and the unveiling of a new agency logo and messaging: “Open doors. Open arms.” The new branding underscores SFACC’s open-admissions policy of accepting all domestic and wild animals regardless of species, age, medical, or behavioral condition. By contrast, “limited-admission” shelters and nonprofits select which animals they accept and how many.

While the City is funding the majority of the cost for the new facility, SFACC is also seeking financial support from the community through its nonprofit board, Friends of SF Animal Care & Control. For those interested in being a benefactor and demonstrating commitment to this historic renovation, opportunities to name rooms and areas of the building are available through tax-deductible donations.

About San Francisco Animal Care & Control

San Francisco Animal Care & Control (SFACC) is a taxpayer-funded, open-admission animal shelter. Since 1989, SFACC has provided housing, care, and medical treatment to wild, exotic, domestic, stray, lost, abandoned, sick, injured, and surrendered animals. SFACC’s doors are open to all animals in need regardless of species, medical condition, or behavior. To learn more, or call (415) 554-6364.

About Friends of San Francisco Animal Care & Control

Friends of San Francisco Animal Care & Control (Friends of SFACC) is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit all-volunteer organization founded in 2000. Friends of SFACC is the only organization dedicated to raising funds for the City’s municipal, open-admission animal shelter and its rescue partners to enhance or establish programs and services that benefit animals and serve and educate the public. To learn more about how you can become involved in the mission of Friends of SFACC email To support the campaign, email


Shy Poppy Blossoms

By Diane Wright

We found our Pomeranian behind a bush while house sitting for some friends years ago. She was eight months old and weighed five pounds. We located her owner, who told us the dog had been gone for two nights. A friend had given the dog to her as a gift and she never really wanted the responsibility. Long story short, she gave her to us. We named her Holly and she brought us such joy.  We were consumed with sadness when we lost her at age 16.  Six months later our depression still dominated our everyday lives. That’s when I said “That’s it, we have to get another dog.” My husband, Michael, agreed but it was late November and he thought we should wait until after the holidays. I wanted to respect his feelings, HOWEVER, I decided to look on the SFSPCA website and saw a very sweet looking dog, female and 6 years old. Perfect.

In a few days we needed to go downtown. Before driving home, I said “You know, we’re not too far from the SFSPCA.  We could make a quick stop just look at that little dog.”   Michael said, “But remember, we plan to wait until the holidays are over.”  “Sure, of course.” I said. We saw her leaning on the back wall of the glass-viewing room. Although she had two roommates who were playing, she not only kept her distance but stayed about as far away as possible from them, her head down. We asked for a visit and were put in the “ring” to wait for her. We sat on the floor and she came over, although being a bit shy and cautious. After about 15 minutes Michael looked at her then to me and said “I think we should take her.”  We both knew she was our dog.

When at the adoption desk we were told she was very shy. The woman looked at the remarks that the volunteers write after walking a dog.  She read several and each one mentioned her shyness and that she didn’t interact much. We were given information about shy dogs to take home.  I sat in the backseat with her on our way home. We drove into the garage then open the door our back yard.  She actually stood at the doorway for a little bit taking it all in, as if she was thinking “Is this for me?”  She went up to the deck, then down to the patio and across the lawn, then back to us and we went inside.

We were advised to shut the doors to each room in the house and open them one at a time for her.  We forgot to do that.  But she calmly walked into each room, then came down to the living room where we stood waiting.  She walked over to the couch, jumped on, looked at us and said…” I’ll take it.” We never saw her shyness again.  She has her favorite toys, loves to run on the beach, gets lots of good walks to many different places, and loves to sit as close to us as she can when we are on the couch.

Several months after adopting Poppy we went to San Francisco Animal Care & Control to inquire about her background. Animal Care Officers had responded to the initial rescue call and brought her to the shelter.  We were told she was left on a MUNI bus in S.F.  At the end of the line all drivers must do a walk-through, and the driver found her alone with no collar and called SFACC. They discovered she had a chip and tried several times to reach the registered owner but there was no response. Then SPCA took her to their adoption center.

She didn’t look abused and is very well trained (sit, etc.).  We feel she was with someone who loved her and who’s life must have taken a big turn.  I hope, somehow, he or she knows that Poppy is happy. She is and so are we.

Many thanks to the AC&C and the SPCA.  We are blessed to have them.

Editor’s Note: The SFSPCA and SFACC are adoption partners and in an agreement made in 1994, the SFSPCA guarantees that it will take any adoptable dog or cat rescued in SF and hold it until it can adopt the animal into a suitable home. Read the agreement on SFACC’s website:

April 2019

In April, we had 72 Adoptions! 39 cats, 16 dogs and 17 small animals (fish, rabbits, and guinea pigs).

Wee pup Verdana (now Berry) leaving in her baby Bjorn with her new mom.

Princess Sophie

Basil will get a lot of love at home!

Chester, ball in mouth, ready for adventure with his new family.


Esther Rose was adopted from us June 9, 2012. She came by today with her mom Shauna to renew her dog license. We would like to Thank Shauna for her fundraiser on Facebook and donation of $869 to Friends of San Francisco Animal Care and Control!



Wigglesworth (R) went home with his 14-year-old sister Kona! His new person is the vet tech that met him after the sky raisin incident.


We got a great update about big handsome hunk Larry, who was adopted 11/2017. He has a baby sister, a loving family and a yard for lounging! His adopter said, “We moved to Livermore for a bigger back yard so he could lay in the grass….. Sounds like Larry is living the big dog dream!


Choco (was Cabo) was adopted in 2013 as a young pup and stopped by for a visit and to look for a possibly sibling for their boy. Says his dad, Nick:
“I counted he has a total of 6 beds including our bed which he of course prefers to sleep in. He’s a fantastic boy and loves to chase the ball around and run in the snow…Thanks Animal Care &Control for giving us such a great dog.”

ACC grad Sally was adopted at Muttville and is now Miss Caboose.


Sweet Petunia has a BIG sister.

Two SFACC grads adopted together at Muttville.