In November, 82 animals found new homes: 12 dogs, 63 cats, and 7 others/small animals. In addition, 164 animals were transferred to partners, including 29 dogs, 75 cats, and 60 others.

Adorable parakeet Crackers has taken wing to his forever home. Congratulations!

Sweet pup Ferdinand is on his way home with his new parents. Congratulations and happy trails!

Update! Adorable pair Mochi and Miso are loving their forever home and excel in napping.

Happy 1-year adoptaversary to Spesh (speshy).
He is a very happy boy!

Purrfect orange tabby Mikey has finally found his furrever. Comfy cozy!

Kona and her new mom are on their way home. What a great pair!

Gorgeous Joey came in as a stray and was adopted by his finder!

Little lady Gia has been adopted. Congratulations!

Handsome Homer has found his forever home. Happy tails!

Happy tails update! Handsome boy George was adopted almost two years ago, when he was a puppy named Oso (third photo). His person says “He’s truly been my savior during this tough year. Absolutely my best buddy!”

Bella was adopted this weekend and we already have an update! “It hasn’t been 24 hours since she joined us but, Bella has the full run of the house. She has settled in just fine. Bella is a sweet little cat with an affectionate personality. I think she will be very happy with us.”

Wee pup Crouton has a new family and a new name: Sammy. Congratulations!

Distinguished senior house panther Vernon (seen here with some Squeeze Up treat on his nose) arrived at the shelter injured and as a stray. When no one came to claim him, he was adopted by his finder. Yay!

Best friends Piglet and Pooh Bear have gone home together. It’s so much more friendly with two!

Precious Poundcake went on a road trip to our partner NorCal Bully Breed Rescue. Happy trails sweetie!

ACC grads Nana & Katy have been adopted together.

Simba, a three-legged shepherd puppy was adopted from SFACC a few years ago. Fun update: one of our recent graduates to rescue, Smokey, was just adopted to his new family and guess who his brother is? Simba!

These boys are doing great together. They live down by the beach in Pacifica, I like to imagine them gossiping about their SFACC days while they sit on the sand.

Gorgeous Paloma was adopted at the beginning of November and we already have an update! “We are so happy to have Paloma in our home, it has been three weeks now and she gives us joy every single day. She is a bit spoiled and very much loved and cared for. We spend a lot of time keeping her active and engaged, she has lots of toys and eats excellent quality wet food. She adjusted to our household right away and we are so glad she is here.

Thank you for all that you do. It is obvious that the people at ACC care deeply for the animals there and I am grateful for that. Our adoption experience was so pleasant and everyone was very kind and knowledgeable. Thanks again, take care and be well!”

November 2020