The happiest of happy tales! From homeless dog to member of the wedding in one week. Freddy-Loo (formerly String Bean) attended his parents’ wedding recently, just a week after they adopted him. Congratulations!

Max was adopted by his finder.

Canine FOMO: recently adopted bun girl Bobbie has become fast friends with her dog brother Ted and even convinced him to try parsley!  Teddy has never eaten greens until he saw Bobbie eating them so he quickly joined in. Check them out on Instagram.

A litter of foster kittens has gone home with their new families and all in pairs! Meet them below with their new parents. Congratulations!

Dick Van Dyke & Betty White

Serena & Brad

RBG & Queen Elizabeth II

Susie-Q we love you. And your new family does too! Congratulations!

Sweet fluffy Reicy has gone home.

“Here’s an update on Bertie (previously Chrissy) who I adopted from ACC in April. She was laid up for 5 weeks in a soft cast after an arthroscopy and osteotomy. She wasn’t too happy about that, but has healed well and is now living her best life! We love her so much! She is the best dog!”


James Bond

Louis Lafayette was adopted by SFACC B&T Supervisor, Lauren (LT) Taylor. Lucky dog!

Pooh Bear and Piglet

Skippy and Scooter are going home with a full house, including a dog sibling.

Matthew (B/W pittie), Jack Muffin, and Rex were all transferred by the awesome SFACC team to adoption partners in Oregon and Carson City, Nevada for their second chance at a forever home.
Good luck, boys!

Astrid was adopted in early October.

Whatagirl was adopted. (What a name!)

Teddy Meowsevelt sent us an update. He’s doing great and wants you to know he voted!

Libby sends us an update every year…
“It’s me, Libby again. My mom wasn’t going to post an update this year, but I told her it was national black dog day (Oct. 1st) and I’m a black dog, so we should post something. This year marks 6 years (Oct. 15th 2014) since I’ve been in my forever home. Thank you for finding me my perfect family. I’m doing great and living my best life with my dog brothers….Fort Funston and our backyard are still my favorite places to hang out. Mom says I’m still the same happy wiggly pup I was 6 years ago, except I’ve learned some manners since then.”

Sweet pup Ferdinand is on his way home with his new parents. Congratulations and happy trails!

Fabulous guinea pig gent Johnny Rose has found his forever family!

October 2020