Two rows of girls and women with a cart of donations.

March 2 was annual READ ACROSS AMERICA DAY, which takes place every year on the birthday of internationally acclaimed author and life-long animal advocate and enthusiast, Dr. Seuss. Our shelter was fortunate and grateful to have Girl Scout Troup 62770 come to our shelter to read to our available shelter cats and dogs. On top of that, the group also delivered donated food and supplies that they collected for the animals in our shelter’s care during their special SFACC Donation Drive.


After reading to some dogs and cats in their kennels, all members of the group enjoyed a very special meet and greet with adoptable dog, CORY, conducted by SFACC Animal Care Attendant, Alistair Callaway in our shelter park. Special thanks to SFACC Animal Care Supervisor, Tim Feldman and to SFACC Animal Care Attendants, Jessica Martinez and Alistair, who made this volunteer service project an educational, engaging, and safe experience for everyone!

FUN FACT: Theodore Geisel aka Dr. Seuss was a life-long animal advocate whose family always included animals starting when he was a young boy and rescued/adopted a homeless, special needs (tripod) “pit bull terrier mix” dog he named Rex. Photo Credit from the book: “i am a good dog” Pit Bulls, America’s Most Beautiful (and Misunderstood) Pet by Author, Ken Foster.

Read Across America and at SFACC