Sweet Ava is adopted!!!
We’re so happy to congratulate Boise Bully Breed Rescue adopter Jenna for choosing Ava as her new adventure mate! Jenna reports Ava is settling in wonderfully and Ava is a big cuddle bug. These ladies are about to have so many fun memories together!
Ava is an ACC grad who was at the shelter for months and then transported by ACC dog vol. Chloe Jager to Reno where she was met by a BBBR volunteer and brought to Boise for a change of scene, where she has been adopted at last.
A big thank you to BBBR peeps: Transport Coordinator Elizabeth for coordinating Ava’s transfer to rescue; Home Inspector Joan for completing the home visit; and Volunteers Matt and Kelly for introducing Ava to Jenna. And thank you BBBR Foster/Adoption Coordinator Ashley for facilitating the adoption!

Here’s a recent update from Jenna… “Just thought I’d give you an update! Mildred “Millie” is loving her new home! She comes more and more out of her shell every day! She’s a huge cuddler, likes walks (although the cold morning pre-work walks aren’t her fav), and her most favorite pass-time is to sit at the window and watch squirrels. She also loves her sister Butter (the blonde dog in the pics) and is learning that unfortunately play time isn’t 24-7. I love her so much and am so happy that she never again has so spend time alone in a shelter in a kennel, instead she can cozy up with one of her many blankets throughout her house. Thank you so much for running such a great organization, hope you enjoy the pictures!” 

Tiny adopted.

Luna Star adopted after available for one day!

We had a visit from Chuy (was Malcolm) and his dad. He’s such a good boy and we were thrilled to see him!

Happy trails update! Orange tabby gent George was adopted in July of last year from our Pet Food Express adoption center (his name was Oliver). He’s as handsome as ever and enjoys his toys and lots of love!

Larry has his own Instagram page…finally! Yep.

Sasha was adopted in July from our Pet Food Express adoption center, when she was a kitten named Daisy. “She’s a chatty, quirky, and very sweet cat. I’m happy to have her.”

Small animal celebration: One mouse (Prune) and three guinea pigs (Pushkin, Dostoyevsky, and Cowboy), plus a parakeet (not shown) were all adopted on the same day!

Cooper was available for all of 30 minutes before his new dad, and his doggie brother who he adopted from ARF, scooped him up.

Pita just got adopted by a new dog volunteer. She just couldn’t resist! So Pita will be staying in the ACC family.

Big boy Thomas is settling in quite nicely in his new home. He is living the life and has a wonderful dog sister Marlee to play with. They’re like two peas in a pod.

A happy reunion story. This couple came in to meet some birds after their parakeet was lost and they’d been unable to find her. Who did they see in our small animals room? Their lost parakeet, Sparkles, who’d been brought in as a stray and was very happy to see them!

Nikita might look grumpy, but she was very happy to go home with her new sister!

Cutie pie Jimmy (in the middle) went home with two brother dogs who got along great with Jimmy. Dad is smitten, and roommate is thrilled to have a new housemate! 

Check out Luigi’s new family; this boy was another ACC graduate adopted after a transfer to Boise. He is one lucky dog and looks so happy. We thank the Boise Bully Breed Rescue group for taking some of our pitties up to the country where they are getting great homes!

Volunteer Victory! A sweet adoption love story for Remus, who was adopted by ACC volunteer Spencer Rennerfeldt. She fell in love with his charming, drooling personality while walking him, taking him on field trips, and hanging out in his kennel. Remus did his share of purring and giving it right back, and he knew he had it made when she took him home. Now we’re getting lovely updates from Spencer…

“It’s been a couple weeks and I wanted to share an update about our favorite chocolate hippo, Remus!! Since leaving the shelter, this boy’s personality has continued to shine, and he continues to show me how wonderful and perfect and hilarious he is. He has happily made 4 new doggy friends so far, met and been adored by my friends and family members, and gotten to explore many new neighborhoods. He is perfectly patient and calm out in the world and happy to lay at his people’s feet while they eat a meal on a restaurant patio, even in crazy busy neighborhoods like the Mission with so many interesting things going by. His favorite game is chase, and he got such intense zoomies once that he picked a pumpkin from the garden and ran around with it. He wants only to be near you and receive his cuddles and snore and drool right in your face. He is just the most perfect boy and I couldn’t be happier. ”

We’ve had a great Caturday of cat adoptions: Bella, bonded pair Lilicoy and Taylor, Miss Whiskers and some kittens have all been adopted! …Sweet teenage kitten boy Pepper has gone home! He’ll have a new cat sibling.

Jax just went home with his new mom who works at Pet Camp.

Tabby charmer Comet has gone home with his new mom, traveling in an excellent cat carrier backpack!

“She was a rescue from the SFACC five years ago; she was named Ruby but we changed her name to Bailey and she is a big part of our family. Love her lots.”

Happy Tails! Update from an ACC alum named Rigby (formerly Jet). Her adopters say, “We adopted Jet (A431448) this past July. She’s such a sweet girl who loooooves all other dogs, camping, hiking, and snuggling. She lives with us up in Sonoma.”

Cutie pie bonded pair Bogart & Ernie went home today! Congratulations!

Long-time resident senior has been adopted. Hooray! She’s joined a home with another senior cat who’s missing his recently departed senior cat buddy!

February 2020