Sherbert the Third adopted!

Krispy (L) and Buckwheat were redeemed by their families this month. Other than adoptions, redemptions are truly one of the happiest outcomes from services provided by SFACC staff. Happy-ever-after to these two dogs whose families were able to be identified and reunited with assistance from our shelter!

We hope that kittens will go home in pairs, but our hopes were exceeded when these three kitten sisters were adopted together!



16-year-old Arnold

We had a visit from ACC grad Larry! This big one-eyed sweetie came by with his mom, bringing Halloween toys for the shelter dogs, and lots of cuddles and kisses for his friends. Come back again soon cutie!


Here is a big hello from Lorraine Hansberry (formerly Bramble Pie) and Jojo (formerly Georgia). Lolo and Jojo have met, hung out, and are good beach-walking buddies.


Chickpea was adopted one year ago (Oct 2018)  and sent us this great anniversary update…”Although Chickpea loves sitting in laps on the couch above all else, he’s gone from 9.6lbs to 8lbs which his Vet suggested, just by eating well and playing on the beach almost every day! He’s a happy boy and loves his home being his safe place. He spends a few days a week at work with his mom in a vet clinic and runs his own instagram page- @chickpeachihuahua
We can’t imagine life without him! 💖💖💖 Thank you SFACC!!!”

FIV+ senior cat “Magic (fka Vino) was scooped up from SFACC on January 9, 2017. Described as a “sweet, sweet, wee bit scruffy gentleman,” Magic is thriving and has surpassed every expectation since moving into his new forever home. He is a total ham who loves being the center of attention. The quickest way to his heart is a good brushing, and his only transgression might be his tendency to steal your pillow. We’re pretty sure he is part dog–he sits on command, provides ample face licks, and even enjoys playing catch. Despite being a senior FIV+ cat, he remains healthy and spry with regular vet visits. Hopefully Magic’s success story will encourage other adopters to consider older and special needs kitties–they have plenty of love to give and their care and maintenance can be totally manageable!”

Baby Loo (was Libby) adopted in 2014 and sent us this update: “Hi ACC,
Just checking in on what is my 5th year in my forever home (Oct. 15th, 2014). There’s not much to report, although I did have a rather nasty run in with a foxtail, otherwise I won’t bore you with the details… Other than that, I’ve been living my best life with my Mom, Dad, and the boys Bullet and Taco. Fort Funston is still my favorite spot to visit, I love going down to the beach and running in the water, but for some reason my mom only lets me do this in the summertime the rest of the year she tells me, “No, Libby, not today it’s too cold”… I don’t even know what that means, cold?!? Thanks again ACC for finding me the perfect home…

Dandelion kitten update: The kittens found in the wall of Dandelion Chocolate (!) are thriving in their foster home. They came in today for a checkup and are doing great!

Skip and Zeke (R) were adopted together and now live in Boise, thanks to the magical work of Super Animal Care Attendant, Katy Jones, who made the connection with their adopter. Now Zeke has his very own princess to attend to. They are best buds!

Sunny and new family!


Tico and family

Jax (formerly Timothy)


October 2019