A recently adopted kitten has become BFFs with his older feline sibling. Looks like a picture perfect match!

Travi, now Gus, is truly living his best life!

“We adopted Travi, (we renamed him Gus) one week ago and could not be happier with our decision. He has fit in with our family so wonderfully! We were lucky enough to meet him outside of the shelter and his kennel while he was on a walk. We saw how calm and loving he was, nothing like he was when he was in his kennel, so stressed and anxious. It was heartbreaking to see him that way and we knew we had to take this boy home. He’s had a great first week, lots of walks, naps, belly rubs, playtime with his sister, naps, trips to the beach, baths and did I mention naps? He truly is a mellow hunk of love!! We want to thank your staff and volunteers for the love and care you gave Gus and to all the animals you care for every day. It takes very special people to do what you do!
Laura & Derek Finglas
And of course Gus, formerly known as Travi.”

Sweet kitten Peppermint was adopted at SFACC’s Kitty Hall pop-up adoption event! Here he is with his new dad Manny. He’ll be going home to two-year-old and 10-year-old cat sisters.

Kylo has been adopted! He’ll be enjoying life in SF with his new dad!

Bramble Pie has gone home with one of our awesome dog volunteers and her partner! Lorraine “Lolo” Hansberry (formerly Bramble Pie) is settling in just beautifully.

Parakeet happy tails update! “Wallace has lived with me & two lovebirds for a few years now. He was very frightened when I brought him home, and, as with most birds who’ve had a rough start, it took a long time to gain his trust. He comes to me now to discuss the day’s pressing issues during morning coffee. He is a happy guy.
Thank you, AAC, for rescuing him!

More adoptions from our Kitten Pop-Up! Rupaw sashayed away to a loving home, Stubby found his forever parents, and Lizzle hit the jackpot with two wonderful papas!

“We adopted a dog “Chance” from SF Care and Control back in June, he goes by Cobalt now! I just wanted to give you guys an update! He is simply one of the best dogs I’ve ever met! He is so sweet and trusting even from day one. He loves his new yard and chasing ball up and down it!  Thank you for making the adoption process smooth and introducing us!”

“My parents adopted Truckee on August 3, 2016. He is an amazing dog! He was 8 (or so) when we adopted him from SF ACC and we wanted an older dog to be a companion and support for my parents. And he has been that in spades. He brings so much fun, laughter and love to our lives. Thanks for all that you do for the animals and the people!”

Raj Mathai was adopted during Clear the Shelters weekend.



Chunky Monkey


Shawna is serial Muttville adopter who couldn’t resist this handsome guy FENDER (R)! He will be going to live with his new sister Nami and Shawna in Marin and he’ll have a huge yard and a house full of comfy dog beds! …Thank you to our adoption partner Muttville!


Goofy goes home.

For two days in mid-August, SF City (Kitty) Hall had a special adoption event: Kittens, Classics, and Chocolate at SF City (Kitty) Hall. The public met adoptable SFACC kittens. and enjoyed music from the local baroque trio, impromptuSF, and chocolate treats from Dandelion (SFACC’s neighbor).

Mochi, now called Steppe, going home.



Trinket has left the bldg – to join her new family including big older sister Violet!

“Hey, just wanted to pass along an update! Rigby is doing great, lots of puppy energy so she goes on lots of walks, plays tug a bunch, and loves running around with the neighbor dog, but she also cuddles up for a good snuggle session now & then as well. We’re working on her training & she’s doing well in puppy class, though meeting other dogs is her favorite thing ever so sometimes she has a hard time focusing. She’s had her first trip to the beach and the verdict seems to be that the ocean is scary (for now!) but digging in the sand is the best! Thanks so much for taking such good care of her until we brought her home! Alison & Ivan”

Dear Dept. of Animal Care and Control,

I just wanted to let you know that I had an excellent experience with Officer Stephanie Pone (Badge #22) and her partner when they came to my house tonight to retrieve a pigeon who was trapped between my window and a flower bed. They were kind, efficient, and creative in finding a solution. You could tell how much they care about animals, and it was great to watch that pigeon fly away!

Twinkle Holiday

August 2019