by Lisa Stanziano

Travi was what you might call a barker. In the adoption kennel at SFACC, he barked incessantly, whether people were walking by his kennel or sitting inside it with him. He barked even when no one was in the kennel room. In other words, his kennel presentation was lousy. Outside on a walk, or in the play yard, Travi was a completely different dog. He enjoyed being with other dogs in supervised playgroups, meeting people, and sniffing on walks. A perfectly happy guy! But in the kennel he was passed by. One day on a walk with a volunteer, Travi met a couple who came to SFACC looking for a companion for their 5-year old pittie mix. They were charmed by Travi’s good nature and ended up adopting him. Moral of the story: when you come to see animals in the shelter, remember that they might be very different dogs (or cats) when they are not in a kennel or cage. Give them a chance to put their best paw forward by meeting them outside their kennel. Here’s an update Travi’s new family shared with us…
“We adopted Travi, (we renamed him Gus) one week ago and could not be happier with our decision. He has fit in with our family so wonderfully! We were lucky enough to meet him outside of the shelter and his kennel while he was on a walk. We saw how calm and loving he was, nothing like he was when he was in his kennel, so stressed and anxious. It was heartbreaking to see him that way and we knew we had to take this boy home. He’s had a great first week, lots of walks, naps, belly rubs, playtime with his sister, naps, trips to the beach, baths and did I mention naps? He truly is a mellow hunk of love!! We want to thank your staff and volunteers for the love and care you gave Gus and to all the animals you care for every day. It takes very special people to do what you do!
Laura & Derek Finglas
And of course Gus, formerly known as Travi.”



Don’t Judge a Dog (or Cat) by Their Kennel Presentation