Sharing updates and adoption news from last month…

Wallaby turned 1. Happy Birthday buddy!

“I adopted Martha early December of last year and wanted to let you know what a grown up lady, yet extremely rambunctious and affectionate and loving still, she has become. She brings me so much joy. She really does not know the meaning of personal space at all. I renamed her Sarangi because sarang means love in Korean and she has so much love. The Calico is her sister I got few years before her.” …Martha has an Instagram account: mongshiri_moncheri

Coco, now Newsie.

 “I just wanted to give you an update on Lily, the sweet Siamese cat that I adopted last month. She is living with my mother whose elderly cat has terminal cancer, and this has been a match made in heaven! Lily walked into my mom’s house like she owned the place, and there has not been one cross word spoken between Lily and Serbia, the elderly kitty. Lily is outgoing and friendly with family and visitors alike, and spent the afternoon after she moved in going from lap to lap during my mom’s monthly bridge club game. She’s been the perfect addition! Thank you so much for our sweet Lily!”

Sarah Jessica Barker and her new mom!

ACC grad Velvet was adopted from our partner Muttville.

Martina was adopted in April… “Martina has been amazing!!! She loves tennis balls, playing in the grass, and playing overall. We’ve been giving her glucosamine to help her arthritis as well. Thank you guys for helping her out and rescuing her.”

Sweet senior Precious has been adopted!

Hooray! Grub has found his forever home!

Iris the puppy stolen in Lafayette from Jelly’s Place Rescue was found in San Francisco and returned to Rescue! Yay! Thank you to everyone who shared this on Social Media. It works.

A happy update about charming fluffy Ewok, who just graduated from training class… “He was really a good boy during class. Very chill and well behaved. He didn’t bark at the dogs and wanted to play with them. Although, of all days, on graduation day, he barked at other dogs cause he wanted to play. Lol!! We want to thank SFACC for all that you do and we are so happy with our little Ewok boy.”

“We are over the moon about Agnes and Katsu, two adorable kittens from ACC, who joined our family this week! Much appreciation to their foster families. Pure joy!”

Darling Tippy has been adopted! Her adopter owns Clement Nursery in SF where she’ll get to join him at work!

“A few years ago my husband and I adopted our sweet Dottie (formerly Janis) from ACC. She was initially a super shy kitten but we knew with time and love she’d build the confidence she needed…and we were right! She is now the queen of the house and best friends with our two rescue pups. If she’s not snuggling with one, she’s wrestling with the other. She has been the best addition to our family. Thank you so much for our sweet girl and for all that you do ACC! ”

 “Wanted to share that Roxie kitty – has been doing great in her new home with me and Juno dog. She is calm, friendly, easy going, playful when she wants to be, loves her scratching box to roll around in. She and Ms Juno are doing well together – both being respectful.” It looks like two BFFs in the making!

Panther (formerly Roscoe) “is living his best life! … We are so blessed with our pup he is A JOY TO OUR HEARTS AND SOUL”. … Panther was adopted from SFACC in January of 2018.

June 2019