In May, SFACC adopted out 89 cats, 19 dogs, and 9 small animals!
Of course when adopters come for visits or send updates, we love sharing them…

Big beautiful Indy came to the new SFACC shelter groundbreaking on May 15. She was adopted in early 2017 as a pup (was named Hannah) and has grown to be a friendly, playful and exuberant girl! She and her owner regularly stop by at SFACC to drop off treat donations. Here’s a photo of her as a pup when she was at SFACC. Thanks for coming by Indy and mom!

Update about Princess Sophia, now Eunice… “She is the smallest kitty with the biggest meow, and loves to greet me loudly especially when I come home to demand pets, food, and play. She loves chasing feathery things, climbing into cardboard boxes, and following me wherever I go–especially if I have food in my hand. Overall, she really has been super sweet, and is a great cuddler and purr monster. Since moving in, she has slept next to me every night and is sure to wake me up every morning demanding her food! I love her to pieces already!”

Malcolm, our longest current shelter resident has found a great forever home! From his adopter, Matthew Wong: “This guy is very sweet! Thank you to SFACC. You guys are the best!!!! I promise I will bring him back ASAP. BTW his new name is Chuy (pronounced chewy) Wong. Look out world, here he comes!!!!!!!”

Update on Winston: “We are so pleased with our adoption of Winston 9 years ago! He is now a big brother to his human sister Ella and is a perfect gentleman 24/7. We moved from San Francisco to Boston in 2013, and then moved again to Palm Beach, Florida this past October. Each move Winston has taken in stride, but he is most happy lounging in the sun and soaking up the salt air down south. We love SFACC!”

Adorable Aubergine was adopted recently and we’ve already received and update. His lucky adopter says “He’s a very fun pig!”

Milo update (formerly Mike): “loves to go on walks and say hello to all the neighbors (pups and humans alike!), play with his toys, chase and play fetch, and snuggle on a warm lap (And help his mom with her work 😅)!”

Silly boy Joaquin has left the building with his new mom! He’s going to be enjoying life in San Francisco. Have fun!

Little Triscuit got adopted by a very lovely family. She will be Rooney from now on.

“I just wanted to reach out to say thank you SFACC! …We adopted our chihuahua from you back in October (during the Pet Pride Day street fair with SF SPCA). She was called Toast at the time, we had been looking for a small girl chihuahua, and after seeing her photo online and speaking with ACC staff about her personality we knew we had to meet her. The next day we were there for opening, with our other two dogs, and asked to meet Toast. 
The rest is history, she is now called Brie and is the best dog we could ask for. She gets along so well with her two brothers, constantly snuggling or bugging them to play with her. I bring her to work with me every day, where she meets new people, dogs and occasionally cats–she is playful and curious with everyone, a true social butterfly. She is an absolute dream and we couldn’t be more in love with her–so thank you for taking care of her and giving us the opportunity to adopt her.”

From the adopters of Juliet (now Layla): “She is doing so well! She warmed up to us very quickly and is well behaved. She responds to training very well. She’s always so happy and she loves every person and every dog she sees. We’re socializing her very well and overall we are so happy with her 🥰 Thank you for such a great adoption experience.” Thank YOU for adopting!

We had a magnificent visitor: Kochief and his person came by to say hi. He was adopted from us as a puppy in February 2014 and is now a big happy boy of 150 lbs!

Kochief takes a treat from SFACC staffer Naomi.

Jim went home with a sweet family. He will have a baby human sister as well as a canine and kitty sibling. 

Hobbit came by for a visit with his adoring fans. He’s definitely been working out at the gym!

Sweetie pie Sherman went home with his new mom.

Wiley went home!

Arthur Goodboy (his real name) was adopted. Yay!

Look who got adopted before we even posted her: sweet scruffimuffun pup Ginger! Have a great life cutie!

“Roxie, the kitty who was adopted last Saturday has been doing great in her new home with me and Juno dog. She is calm, friendly, easy going, playful when she wants to be, loves her scratching box to roll around in. She and Ms Juno are doing well together – both being respectful.”

May 2019