In March, we had 74 Adoptions! 33 cats, 25 dogs and 33 small animals (fish, rabbits, and guinea pigs).

An update on Fluffy bun Moe, adopted in December:
“He’s a super special little guy, and we’ve been thrilled to have him as a part of our family. He’s been bonded with our other rescue, Pasha who is now 5 years old.
Many thanks for helping to get him adopted!”

Darling pup Wallaby has left the building!

A catastic update! “Migñon (formerly Marmalade) came home from ACC with us in July. She’s a super smart, super engaged kitty who responds to about 10 commands (she’s an ace at clicker training). She’s gained 3 pounds to make her a nice healthy weight. She’s a sweetheart who has her own opinions about everything (of course!) Thank you for bringing her into our lives!”

Cutie pie, Yam (now named, “Cowboy”), has gone home with his new older sister, Lola (left), and his mom and dad! Lola was smitten with Yam, a true love match. So excited for this adorable family!

A great Caturday update: 
“Bonded pair Hennessy and Tennessee, formerly Bobby and Teddy(adopted July of last year) are loving their forever family—and chair! They share bonded snugs in their favorite chair every day.”
Thank you for adopting a bonded pair and giving them such a snuggly life!

We’re thrilled that wee pup Bingo found her forever family! Looks like lots of love and fun are in store! Her new name is Bailey.

Cinnamon and Chai

Twinkle Toes

Bobby & Teddy!



Houston was redeemed by his owner.


Tulip is now named Willow.





Snowball dropped by for a visit.






March 2019