In December, SFACC adopted out 111 cats, 42 dogs, and 15 small animals (rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, mice, hamsters, etc.).
170 animals went home for the holidays! 

Sweet pup Captain Jack (now “Jack”) has left the building and we’ve received an email from his adopters that he is settling in nicely. 

Camp Fire dog Vitto looks super happy to be going home–and his person looks happy, too!

From Samba’s new family: “Thank you to you (Georjean) and all the staff. We had a really great adoption experience. Sincerely, Carmen LeFranc & Sandra Barton” 

Pocket is now available for adoption with our SFACC shelter’s partner’s Marin Humane.

Recently at an outdoor SF café, a volunteer ran into King, one of the dogs evacuated to SFACC from Hurricane Irma! His sweet adopters are smitten with him and can’t imagine life without him.

Daisy went home with her new family! The youngest adopter saved his money from his piggy bank to pay for the adoption and ended up donating the funds to SFACC. Thank you for your generosity!

Sweet Adelle and her new BFF. Yay!

Acorn has a new mom.

Woody is now available at SFSPCA!  VIDEOWoody and Bruno are both stellar players and would love to share the secrets of their personal wrestling styles with you!

Pocket pittie Roxy has gone home with her new sibling, an XL Frenchie a little bit bigger than her! Lots of kissing is in store!

Another ACC volunteer ran into The Dude (Lebowski) and his human, Julian at the gym. He’s doing well, giving everyone kisses as usual.

Dax and Zoe have a new home together. Yay!

SFACC alumna Fanny (was Nani) held court for her fans—shelter staff and vols. at home for a holiday visit.
Fanny’s adoring fans brought her flowers. If you missed the party, check out pics and videos here.

The woman holding his kennel card says Kolsch is her birthday gift to herself.

ACC grad Mrs Puggles had a great Christmas: “We had a fantastic first Christmas with her and she continues to fill our hearts with joy. Her favorite activities are eating, sleeping, and chewing on her toys.

Sweet Guppy has left the building!

Little Dora and her new mom.

Handsome Winston has gone home.

Cameron and his new mom.

Charles, now Charlie has a new family.

Little pup Jitterbug’s lucky day!

Handsome Barkley got adopted before we even posted him. Congratulations!
Visit the shelter in person often and you’ll meet the BFF of your dreams. 

The pasta pups have all been adopted! Here are some of them with their new families (clockwise from top left: Ziti, and Cannelloni, Rigatoni, and Gnocchi.

If you adopted an animal from us and would like to send an update, please send it to

December 2018 Adoptions